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Where to go to Chengdu on November 11, 2018

And I took a walk in the streets of Chengdu, until all the others were extinguished and did not stay. A song "Chengdu" has made Chengdu prosperous. The life in Chengdu can be described as leisurely and comfortable. It is a good place to escape from the busy city. There are not only beautiful scenery but also delicious food. People can enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food of Chengdu. It's golden October. Why don't you take advantage of this 11 small holiday and let's go to Chengdu for a walk! Xiaobian has sorted out Chengdu tourist attractions that you must not miss and Chengdu tourism strategy for national day 11. Look where it is!

Kuanzhai alley Jinli

These two places are the epitome of Old Chengdu and the two old streets with the most flavor of Chengdu. Although the two places have their own advantages, on the whole, both the architectural style and the living conditions of the city are almost the same. Therefore, I recommend you to go to one of them. If you have not visited Kuankuan Kuan, you have never been to Chengdu. So, you are recommended to go to Kuanzhai.

Kuanzhai alley is not long in fact. If you take a quick look at the flowers, it can be finished in more than half an hour. But if you take a different mood and calm down to taste it slowly, one or two days is not enough.

Memory of eastern suburbs

Memory of the eastern suburbs is the original music Park in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu. There are towering chimneys, ancient factories, graffiti all over the wall & hellip; & hellip; cafes where you can have a rest, bookstores you can stroll around, and bars where you can have a rest & hellip; & hellip; unique architectural style and quiet lifestyle make it full of nostalgic and fashionable artistic atmosphere. It's a great place to take photos of concave shapes.

Yuanyang building in Hongwa Temple

This is the old district. There was no name for this place. Because the stairs of this building are opposite to each other, it has a poetic name: Yuanyang building. This is an old dormitory built in the 1960s and 1970s. With old buildings, dilapidated doors and windows, messy furniture and all kinds of residents, you can feel the feeling of old Hong Kong in the movies at a glance.

Xiaotong Lane

Compared with the fashionable Chunxi Road, xiaotongxiang has a strong atmosphere of literature and art. Xiaotong lane is only a few hundred meters long. On both sides of the alley are gray old buildings, half of which are residential buildings and half are fresh and fresh houses. Chic coffee shops, teahouses and pubs are full of elegant and quiet.

The shops in xiaotongxiang are not only decorated with a special flavor, but also have two or three tables and chairs in front of their doors for pedestrians to have a rest. Of course, you can also choose a shop to have a drink, a pot of tea, or a snack. With three or five friends who have been with us all the way, we can have a chat, bask in the sun, and ponder over the leisure of Chengdu people.

Yulin road Bistro

"Chengdu" is sung all over the country. The pub on Yulin road has become a place for foreign tourists to punch in when they come to Chengdu. Go into the tavern to listen to the independent music born in the underground, enjoy a glass of wine, or chat and make friends ~ this is the pub in the lyrics. The leisure of Chengdu can also be a good experience here.

Giant panda base

Chengdu can also be regarded as the hometown of national treasure! To Chengdu, of course, you can't miss the lovely giant panda! As a top-level national treasure, giant panda seems to have long been the tourism signboard of Chengdu and even the whole Sichuan Province. Almost every tourist to Chengdu will go to the giant panda base to see the national treasure. In addition, in addition to giant pandas, the base can also visit some small animals such as black necked Crane, peacock, egret, etc.

'I'm the only one who can't take away from Chengdu. 'Chengdu is really a place you don't want to go. All the above scenic spots can take advantage of the golden autumn and October to travel together! Must not miss the Chengdu clock in scenic spots, Xiaobian here for everyone to present a golden week of Chengdu tourism strategy!