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2018 how to raise the quota by borrowing 2018 Alipay's borrowing quota raising method

2018 how to raise the quota by borrowing 2018 Alipay's borrowing quota raising method

Four seas network: borrowing is a loan service on Alipay. Many users are very concerned about how much money they can borrow on the top. Ants are evaluated according to credit scores. How much can ordinary users borrow? Let's have a look.

How to increase the quota

First, Alipay has completed accurate personal information, including home address and school education, after its real name authentication.

Two, more use mobile phone Alipay shopping, credit card, also can pay the water and electricity gas fee;

Three, more use Alipay transfer and red packets, with sesame credit Star good shape into more frequent chat records and capital flow records;

4、 Pay by Alibaba, such as flying pig travel, Ali health, and various offline payments;

Five, use Ali's taxi software to make appointments and punctuality on the shared bicycles in Alipay and car, pay in time, do not cancel orders easily.

6、 If you don't know how to buy more yu'ebao and other financial products, the conservative way is to buy monetary funds. Although the income is a little lower, it is also higher than the bank's demand, and it has good liquidity and high security.

Seven, don't forget to love donation. Alipay's' planting tree 'and' raising chicken 'are good ways to donate.

Alipay borrowed details

'borrow' is a loan service launched by Alipay. The threshold of application is sesame is over 600. According to different scores, users can apply for loans ranging from 1000 to 50000 yuan.

In addition, users with sesame score above 700 can also apply for "good term loan" with the amount between 2000 and 10000 yuan. The loan period is divided into 3, 6 and 12 months. The loan can be repayable at any time, and the interest is calculated on a monthly basis. The repayment method is the same amount of principal and interest. Users with more than 700 points can apply for & lsquo; borrowing & amp; and & lsquo; good term loans at the same time, which can add up to 60000 yuan.

In other words, if your sesame is over 700 cents, you can borrow up to 60 thousand yuan RMB from Alipay.