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It's amazing that 117 year old people live together for the sixth generation

If Zhu Zhengshi of Shuangliu District in Chengdu calls herself the most prosperous "after 00", I'm afraid no one can object. Isn't it very rare that the most prosperous grandmother will have six generations together? What's the secret of her longevity?

Because she was born 100 years later than her, at least called her Zuzu. Zhu Zhengshi was born in 1900. In two days, her 100 direct descendants will set up nine bowls to wish her a long life at the age of 117 in the lunar calendar.

On the afternoon of 18th, the cover reporter of West China City daily visited the oldest old man in Chengdu after several setbacks. Zhu Zhengshi, who can still live and take care of himself, will usher in the "six generations together" that ordinary people dare not think of in a few months.

Like to be busy and photographed

Zhu Zheng's family lives in Yunhua community, Shengli Town, Shuangliu district. Near the roaring second runway of Shuangliu Airport, there are many small farmyards of bamboo forest hidden. Along the winding rural road, the reporter asked "where is the mother-in-law Zhu's family in her 100's" every time. After several twists and turns, she finally found her home.

Her home is hidden in the bamboo forest. There is a big pond at the door. The iron gate of the small farmyard is pushed open, which brings a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. "Is there anyone at home?" he shouted several times and nobody answered. He was wondering if he had gone wrong. The door of a small house in the courtyard opened: "which one do you want?"

There was an old woman standing at the door. The old man didn't feel a sense of displeasure at all. Instead, she was full of energy and looked at her with a smile. 'it's me, my grandson and my daughter-in-law who work to earn money. 'she is Zhu Zheng's, and her words are quite clear. After introducing herself, she explains why she is the only one at home. When she saw the reporter taking photos, she immediately sat up, looked at the camera carefully, and said with a smile: 'I'm always photographed, I like it very much. Come to see me every time. It's very noisy. '

After shooting, she took the initiative to return to the cottage, and turned out a cloth bag from the cabinet. In it, a notebook held a passbook and an ID card, which showed that she was born on August 2, 1900. Later, her granddaughter-in-law introduced that the date was actually the second day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. Her generation didn't remember the solar calendar at all, and her household registration had been on August 2.

Ancestors come from 'tuguangdong'

At present, Zhu Zhengshi lives with his second son, Zhu Weicheng, who is 84 years old. Zhu Weicheng told reporters that although her mother was old, she could still cut pig grass and clean the yard every day in the first two years. She had breakfast and went out for a circle every day. When she was in the yard, she raised her head and shook her hands from time to time to do some simple physical exercises.

Last year, the old mother accidentally fell and broke her bone, and went to Shuangliu Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for surgery. Generally speaking, wrestling has made a certain impact. The work of cutting pig grass and sweeping the floor can't be done, but with a support chair, you can still circle around your home every morning.

Yaoer Zhu Weiyang's family is also nearby. Zhu Jun, Zhu Weiyang's son, said that grandma's diet is light. She usually eats sweet potato porridge with an egg for breakfast. Sometimes I run on both sides at noon, sometimes I eat at their house, sometimes I eat at uncle Er's house, and I usually take a nap after eating. I eat and sleep regularly every day.

Her children and grandchildren said that their area is called "zhujiayuanzi". All the people who used to live together were surnamed Zhu. According to the genealogy, they were a Hakka from Guangdong who immigrated from Huguang to Sichuan in the Qing Dynasty. Zhu Jun said that up to now, he has always called his grandmother "zeizei", which is the way of calling in Hakka.

Six generations coming together

Why does Zhu Zheng live such a long life? Wang Jun said with a smile that he thinks their family has a long life gene. Grandma has five children. Except for the eldest uncle who has been sick in the world, all the living children are in their eighties and all of them are in good health. Huang Qunying, sun's daughter-in-law, thinks that grandma's diet is light, her life is regular, her temper is good, and she doesn't care about the gains and losses. She thinks this is Grandma's secret recipe for longevity.

Zhu Zheng's family will be 117 years old in two days. It has spread branches and leaves for a hundred years and passed on from generation to generation. Now her immediate descendants have more than 100 people, including teachers, soldiers, nurses, self-employed people and so on. They mainly live in Shuangliu district. Now, Zhu Xiangzhen, the eldest daughter of the second generation of deceased uncle, has a fourth generation son and a daughter. The fifth generation of the fourth generation daughter is 24-year-old Hu Jun. Hu Jun's wife has been pregnant for more than five months. The birth of this child will be the sixth generation of direct descendants of Zhu Zheng's family. She will usher in the sixth generation of the same hall that ordinary people dare not think.

On September 21, the second day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, her descendants will all return to Zhu's yard and place a nine bowls full of activity to wish her a 117 year old birthday.