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What are the advantages and disadvantages of prepayment

What are the advantages and disadvantages of prepayment

Adverse effects of prepayment of ant loan

1. Loan prepayment closed

Many users have closed the loan due to prepayment. This situation is often due to the system's judgment of prepayment behavior, which may be the risk behavior of swiping loan amount and sesame credit score. Although in your opinion, you are only prepaying the loan, but there are too many users borrowing. In order to reduce the risk, the system may adopt a one size fits all approach.

2. The amount of prepayment has been reduced

This is easy to understand, because you have agreed on a repayment period, but you have paid in advance. The system naturally thinks that your demand for borrowing is not very great, and it will naturally reduce your limit and give your amount to people who need it more.

The beneficial effect of ant loan prepayment

1. Prepayment increases sesame credit score

In sesame credit's compliance record, every time you abide by the contract will be recorded, and the prepayment will also be recorded in the compliance record. The system will think that you are a credit granting person, so as to increase your sesame credit score.

2. Prepayment increases loan amount

Why is it that some people can increase the amount of repayment in advance. For users who keep the contract and do not exceed the time limit, if they borrow all the current loan amount every time, and prepayment is also paid off at one time, the system will feel that you need more cash in this period of time, so as to give a certain amount of opportunity.

3. It is conducive to maintaining personal credit

Here is an important concept to tell you, ant loan prepayment or belongs to the category of normal repayment, so it will not affect credit reference. Only overdue repayment will affect the credit reference, and will be charged 1.5 times the penalty interest.

There are still some effects of ant loan prepayment, but it mainly depends on the user's usage habits and the judgment of the system. If the system judges that your prepayment behavior is good, then you can still use the loan normally. However, once it is considered that prepayment is risky, the possibility waiting for you is that the loan is closed and cannot be used normally.