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Are there third parts of the unintentional wizard? No heart Master 3 when do we broadcast the synops

No heart master last night, the final outcome, for the chasing children, is it a little regret? Directed by You Dazhi, Han Dongjun, Chen Yao, Wang Yanlin, Li Landi, Wang Yinuo starring in the Republic of China Fantasy supernetwork drama "carefree Master 2" on-line after a good hit rate. This play takes the Anti Japanese War period as the background, and tells the story of the unconscious leading the evil removing team to fight with the villain and the villain. At present, the second season is coming to an end, and everyone can't wait to start asking about the third season.

When is the 3 time of the broadcast?

No heart Master 3 when it's time to broadcast is a lot of netizens' attention, and the careless Master 2 is coming to an end. So the 3 update time of the master master is very likely to have to wait for some time, or three years after the first and second seasons will continue to be broadcast. At the present time, the specific broadcast time of the 3 can not be known until the official announcement.

No heart Master 3:

Those who read the novels know that the third seasons of the unintentional wizard should be the four stories in the novel. In this part, we will see that the Xiaoding cat, who has suppressed the soul of Yue Qi Luo, is dying because of growing up, and this time has arrived in twenty-first Century. The author's setting is also seamless, without intention to be blown into meat pieces, and without intention to be fried into meat chunks. A psychopath who thinks he's an alien all day long adopts a monster who has no intention of becoming a human being.

This psychosis also took him as a son without intention. He also recognized his father without intention. He became his elder sister (so confused) and married his' aunt '. The first half was really a bit boring. The second half... The ghost of Yue qiluo controls the body of the second little Ding cat, also known as Ding Sihan, and grabs Wu Xin. Then there is a word of cruelty, which is shocking. The cruelty makes Wu Xin lose his human nature and become a ORC. White glaze appears as a rescuer at this time. After Yue qiluo was killed, the story became the ending of Hong Kong opera.