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Notes on hot pot in autumn

In autumn, we all know that the weather is dry. The more you like hot pot, the easier it is to catch fire. Let's have a look at some notes for you!

1. Hot pot ingredients such as fish dumpling, shrimp dumpling and various balls contain a lot of grease. Patients with diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia should pay attention.

2. Hot pot soup contains a lot of prin. Do not drink it for gout patients.

3. Hot pot soup contains many sodium and potassium ions. People with kidney disease and hypertension should be careful.

No.1 pregnant women should not eat instant boiled mutton

The mutton may contain Toxoplasma gondii and its larvae and parasites of poultry and livestock. The infection rate of Toxoplasma gondii was 61.4% in sheep, 20.6% in pigs, 13.2% in cattle and 35% in geese, especially in dogs, which was more than 70%. The larvae of Toxoplasma gondii are hidden in the muscle cells of these infected animals and cannot be seen by the naked eye.

When people eat hot pot, they are used to put the fresh and tender meat pieces into the boiled soup and eat at a slight heat. This short-term heating can not kill the Toxoplasma gondii larvae parasitized in the meat piece cells. After eating, the larvae can pass through the intestinal wall in the intestine and spread to the whole body with the blood. When pregnant women are infected, they often have no obvious discomfort or only symptoms similar to cold, but the larvae can be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta. In serious cases, they can cause abortion, stillbirth, or affect the development of the fetal brain, resulting in small head, large head (hydrocephalus) or anencephaly. Therefore, in order to make your child healthy development, pregnant women must not eat hot pot.

No.2 avoid hot pot soup

Some people think that after a long time of boiling, hot pot soup is not only seasoned, but also rich in various nutrients. It's a soup with strong taste and rich nutrition. It's a pity not to drink it. In fact, this is a wrong understanding This is because hotpot ingredients are mostly seafood, vegetables, meat and so on. After a long time of boiling, the soup contains a high concentration of porphyrin. After digestion and decomposition, the porphyrin is metabolized by the liver to generate uric acid, which can reduce renal function and hinder excretion, resulting in excessive uric acid deposition in the blood and tissues, thus causing gout Disease. Therefore, hot pot soup is forbidden to drink. After eating hot pot, you should drink as much water as possible, which is conducive to strengthening and accelerating the excretion of uric acid.

No.3 hot pot time should not be too long

When eating hot pot, people have many small rooms, the air is not circulating, indoor hypoxia, a large number of carbon monoxide, easy to poison people. Because, when people eat hot pot, they drink wine again. It is easy to mistake the early symptoms of poisoning as the relationship of drinking, which is not easy to find. People who are seriously poisoned will have coma, convulsion, blood pressure drop or even death. Therefore, when tasting hot pot, family and friends should not eat too long.

No.4 avoid half cooked

When many people eat hot pot, they will wash meat slices and fish slices gently in the pot, dip them in the seasoning, and swallow them half of their lives, which will easily lead to diseases from the mouth. Because short-term heating can not kill bacteria, viruses and parasites hidden in food, the most common is food poisoning caused by Salmonella. There may be tapeworm, Trichinella and other cercariae in pig, cattle and mutton, and there are also cercariae in fish, shrimp, snail and other aquatic products, such as Paragonimus hepatica, heteronematoda and other parasites. After people eat them, they will lead to some strange diseases, which are often difficult to diagnose and delayed treatment. Therefore, hot pot ingredients must be boiled in the pot for enough time to be safe to eat.

No.5 avoid eating too hot

Many people eat hot pot and take it out of the hot pot. They blow it while delivering it to their mouths. They turn three or two. The esophageal and gastric mucosa are easily scalded. Long term consumption of hot food can not only cause acute esophagitis and gastritis, but also lead to cancer.

Knowing the precautions of eating hot pot, don't forget to remind the TA yo next time you go out for dinner and eating hot pot.