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Beijing National Day self driving tour

Many people want to make good use of the holiday to have a good time on the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival. Many people also choose to go to Beijing, so how to do a good job of visiting Beijing? Let's take a closer look.

On the first day of each month, the flag raising ceremony is a large-scale flag raising ceremony accompanied by a military band.

The flag rises and falls according to the time of the sun.

1. Gubeishui town

2. Badaling Great Wall

3. Ming Tombs Scenic Area

These three questions are the ones I answered with high degree of inquiry (in fact, I think of these), which are far away from the center of Beijing. If you drive by yourself, it's quite suitable. Badaling + Ming Tombs can be used as buses (not one piece ~ ~ according to the number of miles mentioned before, it should be regarded as a long-distance bus~

National Stadium (Bird's Nest)

You can go with the water cube and the Olympic Forest Park. When you get out of the subway station, it is Orson park. Then you go north to the water cube and the pipes in the picture. The specific route can be directly named Baidu.

Upper left: planetarium, Beijing exhibition hall, Ancient Animal Museum

The distance between the planetarium and the Zoological Museum seems to be a few hundred meters. They are still on the same side of the road. You can go together~~~

Beijing Exhibition Hall usually has activities like buying down jacket, clothes, silk and so on. If you catch up, you can go and have a look. There is a large square in front of the gate, as shown in the picture below.

In the middle: the Palace Museum and the natural history museum

The Palace Museum, Tian'anmen Square, Qianmen, Dashilan, Temple of Heaven Park and nature museum are all on the same line. The order is from north to south. You can go one day. It's convenient to have a bus in the middle. You can walk with Baidu map. The subway is not worth it. Moreover, the subway station of the nature museum is not open at present.

The Palace Museum is a must go place. There are a lot of people on holidays. If you can, I suggest you come on weekdays ~ ~ remember to bring a garbage bag, don't litter~~~

The Museum of nature is a 'paradise for children', and a holy land for spring and autumn school tours & hellip; & hellip; on weekends, the whole family and a child are queuing up. It is divided into several halls, including animals, human bodies, fossils, dinosaurs, etc

The second wave of various pavilions

Beijing Museum of science and technology, Beijing Museum of science and technology

Seriously, apart from the last two, I have never been to the others, so I can only put a position for your reference

Tell me what I've been to & hellip; & hellip; I don't dare to talk about it

Today's Art Museum:

Previous research has been carried out by old boiler rooms. In the design of the entrance, the trapezoid and metal fence elements often appeared in the original building were refined and exaggerated. The trapezoidal metal frame structure, on the one hand, reflects the modern flavor of the art museum, on the other hand, it also conveys his interpretation and commemoration of the old boiler house building.

I don't remember whether the ticket is 10 yuan or 20 yuan. The first floor is a three-level design with images, sculptures and photographic works on display. Works with larger or higher floor area are on this floor. The upper two floors are not large because of the elevation. When I went there, they were paintings and paper-cut works.

[798 Art District]:

Beijing 798 Art District is located in Beijing North China Radio joint equipment factory, which was built during the first five year plan period of the people's Republic of China. The 718 complex was established with the approval of Premier Zhou Enlai, the command of minister Wang Zheng, and the assistance of the former Soviet Union and democratic Germany. In February 2002, Robert, an American, rented the 120 square meter Hui people's canteen here and transformed it into a former store and a back company. Robert is a Chinese art website. Some people who often associate with him have also taken a fancy to the spacious space and low rent here. They have rented some workshops as studio or exhibition space. The 'snowball' of the '798' group of artists rolled like this. Due to the typical modernist Bauhaus style of some workshops, the whole plant area is planned orderly and the architectural style is unique, which attracts many artists to work and settle down, and gradually forms today's 798 Art District.

At that time, when I went to 798, I felt like it was a street. There were exhibition halls on both sides. The appearance of each exhibition hall was different, and the display contents were different. I feel that it's time difference to go from one exhibition hall to another. There are many exhibition halls with novel designs. If you are an art student or a partner interested in art, you can have a feast for your eyes~~~

Beijing Hutong + Siheyuan


I have been to the area of Drum Tower + North Luogu lane before school research. The hutongs there are relatively intact. At least, we can't see that they have been repainted in the past two years! I mean, you can see the old Beijing man sitting at the entrance of the Hutong chatting with his bird cage, and you can hear 'ouch, are you back? Have you eaten? You can see people wearing slippers to go straight to the Hutong toilet, and so on. Of course, you can also see similar signs like 'live by yourself, don't visit', which is a very simple Beijing Hutong life. A completely non-commercial life.

Many hutongs have been rebuilt. Some of the hutongs I pass by are eager to brush them again and again every year for the sake of "good looking", "neat" and "safe".

Courtyard Dwellings:

In fact, there are not many Siheyuan with four sides and a small courtyard in the middle. More importantly, a lot of houses are built in the middle courtyard, just like the happy life of poor mouth Zhang Damin (some exposed age & hellip;) with narrow aisles. I wish my window is facing your door, and the middle is only 1-2 meters.

A normal quadrangle should be a family with four sides on one side, that is, about four households. When we investigated, there were 20-30 households in some courtyards (the meter box can tell how many households there are).

If you want to see a quadrangle like a TV play, I'm not sure if it's open. Generally, it's well decorated (you can see from the door) and the gate is often closed, so people can't enter it.

1. Zhang Yu aifeibao

Grape wine at the right time

Changyu aifeibao is one of my favorite travel destinations in Miyun, Beijing. In spring, you can fill your own red wine in the mysterious wine cellar; in summer, you can walk in the vineyard and feel the romantic feelings across Europe. In the autumn, Zhang Yu's Feibao is welcoming tourists from all directions with a harvest scene.

Changyu aifeibao is a multi-functional winery integrating grape planting, wine making, grape and wine culture tourism, wine knowledge training, and is known as the new leader of international winery.

Every autumn is the mature season of grapes in the winery. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, surrounded by mountains and forests. It is a green natural oxygen bar with more than 1000 mu of vineyards.

More than 30 mu of fresh grapes are planted in the winery, most of which are uncommon grape varieties in the market, such as Goldfinger, Venus seedless, Rizamat and Moldova. Changyu has a hundred years of grape planting experience, 100 fruit farmers carefully cultivated, grapes pollution-free, pure natural, with the climate natural maturity.

Close to the rows of neatly arranged grape trellis, the grape clusters full of fruits hang heavily on the vines, and the attractive purple grape beads are crystal clear. Thinking of the sour and sweet juice in the fruit, people can't help but swallow.

Here, visitors can visit the underground wine cellar, wine culture museum, thousand mu vineyard, European town and other park landscapes, watch the wine themed 3D Experience Hall and 7d dynamic cinema; in the wine tasting class, they can interact with wine tasters to understand wine etiquette and how to identify wine; they can also experience taking wine from oak barrels and filling a bottle of brandy of their own.

Parents and children who bring children to play now also have a wealth of recreational activities to choose from. DIY graffiti red wine is one of the most popular projects for children. It must be the best souvenir of the trip to finish the task of graffiti wine bottles with my parents and the whole family to bring the wine home.

2. Simatai Great Wall

The autumn is clear and the air is clear, climbing high and remembering the past

In autumn, the most pleasant experience is to have a good view of the mountains and rivers and the magnificent autumn scenery.

Simatai Great Wall is located in the north of Simatai village, Gubeikou Town, north of Miyun District, Beijing. The Great Wall is built according to the precipitous mountains and is famous for its unique, special and dangerous features. It has always been one of the preferred destinations for tourists to Miyun.

We arrived at the Simatai Great Wall by cable car. It was still a long walk from the cable station to the real wall. This section of road has unlimited scenery, which can not only overlook the panoramic view of gubeishui Town, but also have a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

Luo Zhewen, a famous Chinese ancient architect, once commented that the great wall of China is the best in the world, and Simatai Great Wall is the best in China. '

Simatai Great Wall is the only great wall in China that retains the original appearance of Ming Dynasty. It is identified as the 'original Great Wall' by UNESCO.

Standing on the hollow enemy tower of Simatai Great Wall, the great wall of Simatai is like a giant dragon in the mountains.

Due to its special terrain conditions and the intelligent creation of builders, the Great Wall galloped along with the blade like ridge, varying from width to width, from time to time to ups and downs. The forms of city platforms, enemy buildings and barrier walls are so varied that they are extremely rare in the whole great wall.

The autumn wind is cool, the sky is high and the clouds are light. Sitting on the top of the mountain, I watched the continuous Yanshan Mountains rush up and spread to the horizon out of sight. The magnificent and magnificent feeling.

Simatai Great Wall is also the only one open to night tour in China. At night, the moonlight is gentle and the lights are bright. Looking back, the man was in the dim light. That's it. How beautiful the night is, waiting for your witness.

3. Gubeishui town

Hongye hot spring Zen health

Once in spring and summer have been to Miyun gubeishui Town, but are in a hurry, and she did not rub a spark of love. This autumn, I finally had a chance to come back here again, deeply feel the charm upgrading of Hongye town at the foot of the Great Wall, and had a real intimate contact with gubeishui town.

Just after the autumnal equinox, the leaves all over gubeishui town can't help but welcome this red make-up feast, and are responding to the call of autumn in the streets and lanes. At first, I was only attracted by the conspicuous red color, but I found that the beauty of the combination of water town and red leaves was far higher than expected.

Shuttling through the streets and alleys of the ancient town, the intoxicating red leaves spread like a landscape painting with flowing colors. Where people are, colors follow where they are. Here, the autumn color of Simatai Great Wall and the colorful red leaves of gubeishui town echo far and near, and the autumn wind of mountains presents a gorgeous sense of hierarchy. Mountain, water, great wall, red leaf, town, cruise ship.. &Hellip & hellip; the perfect integration of multiple elements makes the autumn of Gubei water town plump and wonderful.

In the courtyard of Baqi Inn, there are no stars in "running brothers" and "mom is Superman". What is left is the quiet and warm autumn sun, and the persimmon trees burning like lanterns are full of beautiful harvest scenery.

Gubeizhiguang hot spring resort hotel is full of the beauty of Chinese atmosphere. A touch of Chinese Red sets off the window

Chic elegance