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How to select Portunus in the season of crab fat and cream yellow

Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, Portunus is the fattest. How to choose the fresh and fat swimming crab? Today, let's introduce the method of selecting swimming crab? Let's have a look.

Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, Portunus is the fattest. Buy crabs with medium to large size, not too big. It's a trick to choose fresh and fat crabs. It's best to be very active. Don't look at all alive and fat. It depends on the appearance of crabs. The patterns are clear, the crusts are hard and glossy, and the shell color is blue. The crabs with bright light are mostly thick and fresh. Whether the crabs should be fat or not depends on the top cover behind The distance between the bottom cover and the bottom cover means that you can see the thickness of the crabs. The thicker the crabs are, the fatter they are. Also, you can see the sharp points on both sides of the swimming crab. In turn, you can see the yellow inside through the light! When you buy a crab, you use scissors to cut off the rubber band tied on it. After a walk around, the crab is not very active. You should brush the crab with a brush. You should buy a round belly button with a sharp top, which is fat.

The above is a good introduction to what kind of swimming crab, hoping to bring some help to people who like to eat swimming crab. In fact, the selection of food is not as complicated as we think. In addition, the selection of food should be combined with the preservation environment and season of food.