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Why is Wuren moon cake easy to be black? What's wrong with Wuren moon cake

Why is Wuren moon cake easy to be black? What's wrong with Wuren moon cake the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, another wave of black Wuren moon cakes is coming. Wuren moon cakes are taken out every year and ridiculed by netizens. Not only when does Wuren moon cake have the physique of attracting black, but also by all kinds of black. What did Wuren moon cake do wrong?

Why is Wuren moon cake disliked by thousands of people? Because he is ordinary but expensive, because his tradition has no new ideas, because he silently accompanies generations of people to celebrate or sad or reunited Mid Autumn Festival.

Lotus seed paste can be made from potatoes and flavors. Bean paste can be made from coffee grounds and flavors. Coconut can be made from fruit dregs and coffee grounds. Fruit cakes can be made with pumpkin and flavors. Even black sesame moon cakes are not always guaranteed to be non dyed sesame seeds. There are only five kernel moon cakes, melon seeds are melon seeds, peanuts are peanuts, walnuts are boxes, and rock candy is rock candy. You can't understand how to make them by breaking them. Maybe this is the reason why Wuren is disliked. Now the world is not like this. The more real it is, the more disliked it is.

Even Netease has made a special topic which is said like this

Wuren moon cake is a famous and decent style. It was originally a representative work of cantonese moon cake

Wuren moon cake is a famous and decent style. One of the most classic moon cake flavors is the signature variety of cantonese moon cake, which later integrated into the local flavor of Yunnan. Wuren moon cake, as the representative work of the old cantonese moon cake, was originally the one with the largest sales volume and the widest spread. When I was a child, I could buy moon cakes like Wuren, Zaoni, Dousha and Lianrong, especially Wuren. There are also five kernel mooncakes made by manual workshops in Guangdong. Although the package is simple and crude, they are wrapped in oil paper, 15 yuan a piece (in 2007). Open the oil paper, which is a flat piece, about the size of the palm of the hand. Break it off, and there are many thin fillings. All kinds of nuts, sesame seeds, lollipop, lotus seed paste, etc. It's called a fragrance!

Taste changes Wuren into "loser", and Wuren is ruined by various cheap brands

However, with the living conditions becoming better and better, a variety of new tastes and new packages and gift boxes emerge in endlessly. The "civilian temperament" of Wuren from the beginning makes it difficult to enter the tall gift box. Many manufacturers do not choose Wuren moon cakes when making gift boxes, so Wuren has become the biggest loser in the moon cake industry. But the older generation still have a preference for Wuren mooncakes, which will not disappear. The market demand depends on the low-end mooncake manufacturers to meet the market demand. Now the price of raw materials is soaring. If the five kinds of nuts need to choose the right materials, how much is the cost? And Wuren mooncakes, which are generally sold in bulk in the market, can only be made of the worst materials. Many of the five kernel mooncakes bought in the market are very poor. Because they don't earn money, no one makes them well.

Although there is a lot of noise about "Wuren rolling out of the moon cake world", maybe not so many people hate it

Actually, Wuren moon cake is not so rejected

In Zhihu, some netizens asked 'is there a downward trend in the delivery of Wuren mooncakes',' situ Yuwei, a netizen with the information of 'FMCG supplier', replied: 'we are in a small city on the border of Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, where more than 80% of people want to buy mooncakes but not Wuren mooncakes, because this is the traditional taste of Cantonese mooncakes Leg moon cake, with golden legs and meat floss added to the five kernel filling, we sell a certain variety even with the flavor of wine & hellip; & hellip; according to my experience, it is applicable in most parts of Guangdong and Guangxi, and even it is said that in a large western province of China, the sales volume of distributors' cantonese moon cakes is calculated in billions. In addition, a website recently made a survey of "what moon cakes to eat on Mid Autumn Festival". More than 2000 netizens participated in the survey, and "Wuren" was rated as the favorite moon cake filling by netizens. 26% of netizens chose "Wuren" from "favorite moon cake filling", followed by Dousha, yolk and lotus seed.

So, Wuren moon cake is not so unpopular, and if you don't like Wuren moon cake, it may be that you haven't eaten the delicious authentic Wuren moon cake.