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What's the matter with Yang Mi, the son of tomorrow, calling Tianyou and calling Mai Ge? Fans of bot

Yang Mi may have forgotten the name of Tianyou for a while while while recording the program and called it "brother Mai". As a result, fans on both sides started to curse! For the moment, it's not easy to comment on the song "if I become very rich one day" written by Mao Xiaoyi, a partner of "son of tomorrow". The key point is Yang Mi's "brother Mai" to MC Tianyou, which triggered a fierce fight between fans on both sides.

MC Tianyou's fans think that Yang Mi, as an elder, does not respect each other if he doesn't call his name. Yang Mi's fans think that Yang Mi is older than Tianyou, and they all call him "brother". What else do you want? So, in the actual context, does Yang Mi mean "brother Mai"?

Reason 1: Yes, for example, taxi, express, security, take away & hellip; & hellip; although the public is a "nickname" for the lower service industry personnel, if they know the name of the other party in a formal situation, they still use this name, there is a sense of disrespect.

That is to say, if fans call him "McGonagall" in the live broadcast room of Tianyou, it will be intimate (like brother sharp and brother overcoat), but people like Yang Mi, who use "McGonagall" directly in large-scale programs, will have a top-down dis feeling.

Reason 2: MC Tianyou fans' glass heart '. Yang Mi is still Yang Mi when she comes out of the screen, but it's not necessary for someone to know when Tianyou comes out of YY. The two people are not at the same level at all. It has nothing to do with the number of fans. Moreover, shoumai culture has always been relegated to "vulgar culture", so it is possible that God bless fans have overreacted passively, because they have an "inferiority complex".

Reason 3: Yang Mi has always been in trouble with black products, and it's no exception that "McGonagall" let her search again.

Reason 4: before the emperor Nancy (Tianyou Apprentice) was not recognized by Wu Yifan in "hip hop in China". When asked who the master was, people said they did not know. Later, when Nancy was connecting with God, it changed. God's response was' who said that? Give him a big mouth! '

In fact, even the fans of Tianyou admit that shoumai is the entertainment of the common people. If we divide it by class, the middle class will not pay attention to shoumai or Tianyou at all. Therefore, it is not surprising that Yang Mi and Wu Yifan don't recognize or know a grass-roots culture, so subconsciously they call it "Maige". There is no such thing as dis It's just a form of address.