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How to keep Xinjiang Aksu apple? How long can Aksu apples last

Many people like to eat apples, so Aksu apples are produced in Xinjiang, very popular and favorite, and also the first choice for gifts, but many people don't know how to keep Aksu apples for a long time? Learn how to save Aksu apples with Xiaobian?

How long can Aksu apples be kept in a dry and cool environment for about three months

It depends on the temperature, how long the average apple can last. This kind of apple can last as long as it can

How to keep Aksu apples for a long time? Generally, Aksu apples in Xinjiang must be preserved in precooling on the day of picking, so as to keep the apples fresh, crisp and juicy.

The main reason is that Aksu's apples are too sweet to be preserved

You can keep it in cold storage, but there must be no damage, including slight scratches. You can wrap it in a soft napkin and put it in the refrigerator

The peel of bingtangxin apple is thin and crisp, which can be broken off directly. There is a piece of yellowing place in the crosscut face, and the best storage temperature is between - 5 ℃ and 5 ℃; if the temperature is relatively high, bingtangxin will disappear slowly.

Nutritional value of Aksu apple

1. Vitamin C in Aksu apple is the protection god of cardiovascular system and the health element of heart disease patients.

2. Aksu apple can also delay memory decline, prevent asthma, diabetes, myocardial infarction and tooth dropping.

3. Aksu Apple has the functions of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst, moistening lung, relieving boredom, strengthening spleen and stomach, nourishing heart and Qi, moistening intestines, relieving diarrhea, relieving summer heat and sobering up.

4. Aksu apple is rich in cellulose, which can remove dirt between teeth and whiten teeth.

5. Aksu apple is rich in pectin, which helps regulate the peristalsis of intestines, detoxify and beautify, and prevent obesity.

6. Aksu apple contains a lot of vitamin C, which can help to eliminate skin freckles and black spots, keep skin tender, ruddy and white.