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What is 918's anniversary? What happened to the September 18th Incident?

did your city raise the air defense alarm today? 86 years ago today, with a loud bang, the liutiaohu section of the Nanman railway outside the Northeast Shenyang City was bombed by the Japanese army. The 14 year long Sino Japanese War kicked off. This was the "918 incident" that shocked China and foreign countries. So, what year was the September 18th Incident? Why was September 18th called the national humiliation day? Let's follow Xiaobian to find out what happened in that year?

September 18, 2017 is the 86th anniversary of the September 18 Incident.

The September 18th Incident (also known as the Mukden Incident and the Liutiao Lake incident) is a war of aggression against China deliberately made and launched by Japan in Northeast China and the beginning of Japanese imperialist aggression against China.

On the night of September 18, 1931, under the arrangement of the Japanese Kanto army, the railway 'guard team' blew up the Nanman railway track built by Japan near Liutiao Lake in Shenyang, and planted the stolen goods to the Chinese army. The Japanese army used this as an excuse to bombard Shenyang Beidaying for the "September 18th Incident". The next day, the Japanese army occupied Shenyang and three northeastern provinces. In February 1932, the whole northeast fell. Since then, Japan has established a puppet regime of Manchukuo in Northeast China, and began to enslave and colonize the people of Northeast China for 14 years.

The September 18th Incident is an inevitable result of Japanese imperialism's long-term policy of aggression and expansion towards China, and also an important step in its attempt to turn China into an exclusive colony. It also marks the beginning of the world anti fascist war and the beginning of the eastern battlefield of the Second World War.

9.18 why is it called national humiliation day

At present, there is no legal national humiliation day in China, but there are five kinds of national humiliation in informal occasions, that is, May 9, 1915; nine kinds of national humiliation, that is, September 18; seven kinds of national humiliation, that is, July 7, 1937. According to the Chinese, the most humiliating thing for China is' 9.18 '.

Looking back on history, looking back on the difficult years of our anti Japanese War, we rose from humiliation, we woke up from humiliation, we picked up weapons, we straightened our backs in hardship, we launched an unyielding struggle against the aggressors. The backbone of the Chinese people is the hardest, and the will of the Chinese nation is the strongest. We drove away the Japanese aggressors, and we won the anti fascist war. The Chinese people have proved the eternal truth of human history with their indomitable and arduous Anti Japanese war process: justice will prevail, peace will prevail, and the people will prevail.