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When will one plus six tons come into market? The latest news of one plus six tons appearance config

When will one plus six tons come into market? The latest news of one plus six tons appearance configuration it has been several months since the release time of one plus six. According to the rhythm of one plus six mobile phone updating every six months, the release time of one plus six tons is getting closer and closer. Although the official information of one plus six tons has not been released by the official of one plus six tons, many foreign websites have disclosed the appearance and configuration of one plus six tons. Let's have a look.

When will one plus 6T come into the market

Recently, an Indian TV station has seen an advertisement of "one plus six tons". In terms of appearance, one plus six tons is not much different from the previous generation's one plus six. The screen is changed from a Liu Hai screen to a beauty's sharp screen, and the back is changed to a three subject camera. There is no fingerprint identification area on the fuselage. It is likely to carry fingerprint identification technology under the screen.

Last year, one plus 5T was released on November 17, 2017. Considering the weak domestic and international smartphone market this year and the fierce competition, the one plus 6T is likely to be released ahead of schedule. It is estimated that the date is likely to be in October this year, and the details will be announced by the one plus one official.

One plus six ton price allocation forecast

In terms of price, according to the latest news from foreign media, the overseas price of one plus 6T will be about 550 US dollars, while the domestic version may also have an increase, which is expected to be around 3500 yuan.

In terms of configuration, Yijia is likely to adopt the current popular water drop beauty sharp screen, just like the blue and green brothers. After all, there are similar precedents in previous generations. A 6T chin will be further narrowed, and the processor is likely to be equipped with the latest 855 processor from Qualcomm, which can be said to be very robust.

The above is the summary of the latest news about one plus six tons. We will continue to follow the reports in the future. Please pay attention to the life channel of