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What is the 2 final outcome of a careless master? What is a careless Master 2?

Four seas network: the most sought after conscience drama "careless Master 2" is about to end. From the notice, we can see that there is no intention of going to Hongkong with sutao, and whether Xiaoding cat is the embodiment of Yue Qi Luo is also uncertain. Many netizens want to know how the ending is coming back. Let's announce it together.

In 2015, "no heart master" was born. Not only did he gain a good reputation, but he also used the super high quality to define the domestic network drama, which was called the milestone of the network drama development.

This year, "no heart Master 2" returned, and Han Dongjun, Chen Yao, Wang Yanlin, Mike and so on were gathered again. In the first season, the main line of fighting wisdom and bravery between Wu Xin and Yue qiluo runs through, and the story ends with Yue qiluo being swallowed up.

It is learnt that there are four novels in the novel, "no heart master", about people, ghosts and things that are encountered in different periods.

It is reported that the heroine of the net drama "careless Master 2" is Su Tao, and Su Tao is the character appearing in the third part of the novel. In the original novel, Su Tao's father is a soldier, and her mother is a young lady of a middle-class landlord.

Her mother was humiliated and killed herself. Her father became a gangster, so her father sent sutao away overnight. Sutao met inadvertent on the way to escape. Sutao and inadvertent, Bai Liuli (attached to the white snake at this time, sutao called her white lady) went through many things together. Ding Xiaomao coveted sutao.

At last, she was bored with the world, hid in the mountains with white glaze and owl, and became a savage again. She had no intention of hoping for Su Tao's happiness. However, she did not know that Su Tao had not been in love, studied, promoted or married since she retired from the army. She had been working in the county hospital of Wenxian County, Hebei Province, and had been waiting for her.

The ending of the novel is that in order to give her a good life, she left in silence. After serving as a soldier, she went back to Wenxian hospital and waited for twenty years as a head nurse without any intention. She was the worst one among the female owners.

So no matter in the novel or in the TV play, Su Tao should not die, but she and Su Tao are not together.

Bai Liuli: a wizard has lived with Wu Xin for five years, hating Wu Xin, and then freeing up the past quarrels with Wu Xin. He was originally a wizard in Xikang, living a rich life. Later, he found a woman's business, had his own son and wanted him to become a successor. After encountering Wu Xin, his fate changed a series of times He was eaten back by witchcraft, sacrificed his son's life, lived in rags, was taken in by the master of the horse family, and died in adventure at last. He suppressed the shaman with his soul. At the end of the second part, he found him unintentionally. He was attached to a white snake and followed him unintentionally.

He lived in the fortress with no intention for some years. When he went down the mountain and returned to Huiwen County, his soul was attached to a white snake. He experienced more than two years in the mountain with the image of a snake and with no intention and Su Tao. Finally, he returned to the fortress with no intention after leaving Su Tao and spent 40 years together.

In the fourth part, after half a year's unintentional downhill, he and owl elite go downhill to find unintentional. In the last cave, Yue qiluo was cursed. After losing the battle, he lost his vitality. Later, he was attached to a grey finch. Later, the grey finch was eaten by the cat and attached to the cat. He lived with Wu Xin and Shi Danfeng.

Xiaodingmao: that is, the body of ghost cave. In the soul, there is Yue qiluo who is suppressed. When I was a child, my personality split. I'm fed up with ghost fighting, and I like the fight between people. Finally, the struggle failed, and Gu Ji, Gu Xuanwu's grandson, went south to start a business. In the fourth part, Gu Ji's son is adopted and returned.

Yue qiluo: when Ding Xiaomao (the fourth part is renamed Ding Sihan) is old and injured, he takes his body. He still remembers his love and hate for a hundred years. He has detained him and tortured him for a long time, which almost drives him crazy.

Later, Yue qiluo ran to a cave, defeated Bai Liuli, hugged him, kissed him, and was finally killed by Shi Gaofei. His soul was dispelled with blood. Tragically, she never thought of her name a hundred years ago.

It is reported that the fourth heroine is Shi Gaofei's elder sister, the old leftover girl. She and Shi Gaofei rescued the unconscious from Yue qiluo's hands. Finally, she married the unconscious, bought a small house and lived a plain life. And unintentional not so vigorous, but the long-term flow, is the best ending of the hostess.

And the fourth is the modern absurd comedy. At the beginning of the story, unintentionally, there is only one heart seed left. It is planted in the soil by a neurosis who calls himself an alien. At last, it grows up. When the unintentional father, unintentionally, he has been playing cute and cheap all the time. At last, he has become a psychopath sister.

Yueqiluo's reincarnation awakens, ushers in the biggest crisis, kidnaps unintentionally, and nearly loses human nature. At last, when my father cut Yue qiluo to death, he did not use blood to kill her. At last, everyone was happy.

One to four, each of the male owners is unintentional, the female owners are different, four women represent different personalities and different experiences. The novel also has a strong sense of time, especially the third part, which is the most wonderful part of the book, turning the focus from ghost fighting to human struggle.