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Zhejiang mysterious Blackstone what is Blackstone Blackstone valuable

Zhejiang mysterious Blackstone what is Blackstone Blackstone valuable a small town in Zhejiang has caught fire recently. It is said that there is a kind of Blackstone rich in this area, which is of great value. People from nearby areas have come to the river to dig for treasure. Is this kind of stone really valuable? Let's explore!

In Furong Town of Qing Dynasty, a stream beach beside the Panshan road has recently become the site of "treasure digging". It is said that a kind of "Blackstone" is produced here, which is very valuable, so the local people and the people in the surrounding areas rush to dig the stone. Yesterday morning, reporters met three treasure hunters from Huangyan, Taizhou. They drove here for more than an hour to find the legendary Blackstone.

According to the appraisal report of Beijing General Research Institute of mining and metallurgy, it is a magnetite rich ore. At present, the relevant departments of Yueqing have sent the stones here to the testing agency for further testing, and the results have not yet come out. Next, experts will be invited to field survey to see if there is any mining value.

Remote streams and beaches have become 'net red'

They came from Taizhou to "dig treasure"

It is said that the stream beach producing "Blackstone" is located in huangaokeng, Furong Town, next to a winding mountain road. The stream beach is about 3 kilometers away from Furong Town. It is not easy to find the entrance to the stream beach. Yesterday, the reporter inquired many villagers, only then found this' net red 'stream beach.

Mr. Chen and two friends from Huangyan, Taizhou, picked up stones on the stream beach yesterday morning. Mr. Chen said that he had come a few days ago. He was brought to Wenling, Taizhou, a 'master' who knew stone well. This time, he brought two friends to search for stone. Mr. Chen and each of them have a magnet in their hands. When they see a 'suspicious' stone, they just suck it with a magnet. If they can be sucked by a magnet, it's the' Blackstone 'they want. For more than an hour, the bags they brought with them were full of all kinds of stones, big and small.

"These stones are & lsquo; Lapis Lazuli & rsquo;?" the reporter asked. 'not all. &Lsquo; Lapis Lazuli & rsquo; it's hard to find. Some stones with good shapes are also picked up and put at home as decorations. 'Mr. Chen said.

A villager surnamed Lin in Houlong village also looked for stones on the stream beach yesterday. It used to be more, but now it's good to take back several stones a day. 'the villager said that after a half day of panning yesterday, there were only a few stones the size of eggs.

Yesterday, someone was looking for 'Blackstone' in the pool of huangaokeng, Furong Town, Yueqing

How does "Blackstone" get red?

The stranger found something special about the stone

There is a small reservoir in the upper reaches of the stream beach. There is not much water in the stream beach. The place where people gather to dig stones is less than 200m long. After more than one month's' treasure digging ', many stones on the stream beach have been turned over, especially under some big stones weighing about 100 Jin, which have been dug up large and small pits. According to local villagers, this is because many people think it is easy to find the legendary 'Blackstone' under the big stone.

How was the "black gold stone" discovered? Lin Jingzhi, Secretary of the Party branch of Houlong village in Furong Town, said that the first stone was found especially by foreigners. Three years ago, some villagers sold stones to Taizhou. A buyer found the stone a little special - it could be held with a magnet. Later, many people came to Taizhou to dig stones. This phenomenon was discovered by a villager in Houlong village, so he dug stones and sold them to a buyer in Taizhou. In February and March this year, the news that the stone on the stream beach can sell money spread in wechat friends circle, and more people came to dig. In August, hundreds of people were digging at the same time, and the roads were full of cars.

After a long village villagers told reporters, there are many villagers who did not follow the wind to dig stones. Because the value of the stone is not clear, the villagers who dug the stone put the stone at home. Some people came to collect the stone, but the price is not high, 'generally, it's one or twenty yuan per Jin'.

Set up multiple billboards on site

Experts will be invited to field survey

In order to find out what the "Blackstone" is, not long ago, Lin Jingzhi went to the villagers' house to take some stones and sent them to Beijing mining and Metallurgy Research Institute for testing. According to the official website of Beijing Research Institute of mining and metallurgy, the Institute is the largest comprehensive research and design institution in China, mainly focusing on mining and metallurgy science and engineering technology, with grade a qualification for engineering design, environmental impact assessment of construction projects and geological experiment test.

According to the appraisal report of Beijing General Research Institute of mining and metallurgy, the sample is dense and massive, and the whole is steel gray with strong magnetism. It can be seen from the analysis that most of the minerals in the sample are magnetite, with a small amount of quartz, hematite, limonite, and occasionally fine-grained pyrite. The sample is magnetite rich ore. Magnetite, as an important iron mineral, is the main raw material for ironmaking.

Yesterday, Houlong village sent people to set up several billboards on the site to warn against damaging the environment by digging stones on the stream beach. Lin Jingzhi said that before the higher authorities decide how to deal with it, they should protect it.

Zhou Xudong, director of the geological and mineral Affairs Office of Yueqing Municipal Bureau of land and resources, said that the stone in the stream beach can't be called a mine. They have sent the stone here to the relevant testing agency for further testing, and the results haven't come out yet. Next, they are going to invite experts to field survey to see if it has mining value.

Zheng Huaguo, the leader of the supervision branch of Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of land and resources, said that the common people did not know the situation and went to dig stones spontaneously and disorderly. The relevant departments of Yueqing should stop it immediately. If this thing has no value, they should quickly refute the rumors. It is easy to destroy mountains and rivers and cause debris flow. If it is really mineral resources, it needs to go through a series of formal procedures such as survey, mining, external bidding, and mining in accordance with the regulations.