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No heart Master 2 tonight's final conclusion, with no intention of sutao together?

"No heart Master 2" TV drama is about to draw a great result. Since its launch, it has been loved by everyone. Yueqi Luo is on the line. It seems that tonight is going to start a monster war. It looks like the last thing to do is to let go.

The mystery of the identity of "little heart Master 2"

With the broadcast of the story, Gu Gu was blackened. When the lobbyist of Bai Chuan persuaded him not to give him the bronze mirror, he was careless to be taken out of the heart. Yueqi Luo was on the line. Xiao Ding cat changed to Yue Qi Luo. To tell the truth, in the first part, in order to seal Yueji Luo's great efforts, the return of Yueqi Luo in "no heart law teacher 2" was really quite unexpected, and it was full of curiosity why she became Xiaoding cat. A man! Is Xiaoding the reincarnation of Yue qiluo?

At the end of the first season, yueqiluo was inadvertently re sealed. Yueqiluo's story seems to have ended, but the appearance of xiaodingmao in the new season makes people think about it. Because it looks like yueqiluo, netizens pay more attention to the mystery of his life experience.

Xiaoding cat mistakenly entered the seal cave and ate yueqiluo. But yueqiluo's soul still controls Xiaoding cat. So Xiaoding cat and yueqiluo share the same body. Xiaoding cat was originally born as a ghost in the ghost cave. Because yueqiluo exists in her body, she suffered from schizophrenia when she was a child. When she grew up, she met unintentional. She also accepted Gu Ji, Gu Xuanwu's grandson, as her younger brother. When she was old, she changed her name to Ding Sihan and adopted her Gu Ji's son, named Ding Ding, was controlled by Yue qiluo to seek revenge. Later, Yue qiluo lost his soul and disappeared.

The final outcome of "master of heart 2"

Yueqiluo and xiaodingmao share the same body, and the second monster accounts for the majority, but yueqiluo comes out later. She torments them so much that they are both dead.

Inadvertently let Su Tao white wait for a lifetime, still think she is living a good life. He is in the mountains. Let white glaze go to see peaches. Life is more worrying than death. According to the content of the novel, Su Tao may have a worse ending than Yueya in the end, so you should be ready for it.

The broadcast and update time of "no heart Master 2": from August 14, 2017, every Monday and Tuesday 20:00 update two episodes. Members will see the next week 20 Monday Monday.