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How many times did the air defense alarm go off? What do 918 different air defense alarms mean?

The September 18th Incident is the national humiliation day of our country. Many cities will sound the alarm on this day, and it seems to be three times. So what is the specific meaning of three different air defense alarms? How many times should the air defense alarm be sounded on September 18th?

Air defense alarm is divided into three types: advance alarm, air raid alarm and disarm alarm.

Why the air defense alert on September 18?

September 18 is regarded as the national humiliation day of the Chinese nation. In order to implement the civil air defense law of the people's Republic of China, the people's defense concept and civil air defense awareness are constantly enhanced, the air defense alarm signal is well known, and the technical performance of urban air defense alarm is tested.

On the national humiliation day of 918:

The September 18th Incident, also known as Shenyang incident, Fengtian incident, Shengjing incident, Manzhou incident and liutiaohu incident, refers to a military conflict and political event that broke out in Northeast China on September 18, 1931. The two sides of the conflict are the Northeast China army and the Japanese Kanto army. The Japanese army occupied Shenyang under the pretext that the Chinese army bombed the South Manchurian Railway built by Japan. After the incident, Japan invaded China in an all-round way. Within a few years, the three northeastern provinces were all occupied by the Japanese Kwantung Army.

What do you mean by three air defense alarms?

Air defense alarm is divided into three types: advance alarm, air raid alarm and disarm alarm.

Purpose of pre alarm: when pre alarm is given, it will sound when there is a warning for our attack, requiring people to start evacuation. Sound mode: 36 seconds, 24 seconds, 3 times.

Purpose of air raid alarm: air raid alarm is to sound when the enemy is about to attack us. Sounding mode: 6 seconds, 6 seconds, 15 times.

Purpose of alarm release: the alarm release is sounded when the air attack or war situation is temporarily relieved. Sounding mode: one long tone, continuous sounding for 3 points.