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The 31st Golden Rooster Awards List announced

The 31st Golden Rooster Awards List announced Recently, the list of the 31st Golden Rooster Award was announced, and I'm not Pan Jinlian, directed by Feng Xiaogang and starred by Fan Bingbing, became the biggest winner and won three awards. Let's see the list in detail.

The 31st Golden Rooster Award Ceremony was held in Hohhot that night. The happiest person that night was Fan Bingbing, who accepted Li Chen's proposal in the early morning of his 36th birthday and won the Golden Rooster Award for best actress that night. It can be said that she was three times happy (603008, share bar). Her film "I'm not Pan Jinlian" is also the biggest winner of the Golden Rooster Award, winning three awards of best director, best female host and best male partner.

Before that, Fan Bingbing has won two trophies, namely, the San Sebastian Film Festival and the Asian Film Awards, with the role of "Li Xuelian". And last night's award is more unique. She dressed in White said excitedly on the stage: 'today is my birthday. Thank you for giving me this birthday gift that I will remember in my life. 'she thanked director Feng Xiaogang in particular. 12 years ago, she won the best actress of the Hundred Flowers Award for her performance in his mobile phone, and 12 years later, she won the Golden Rooster Award for I'm not Pan Jinlian. Bingbing shouted to director Feng:' I didn't disgrace you! 'and she also thanked Mrs. Li, who was about to become Mrs. Li. She quoted a dialogue from the movie "all things grow" and confessed to each other sweetly:' I don't want to die On the stars, I just want the happiness of the world. Thank you, Mr. Li. I'm free to have this unforgettable birthday with you today. 'speaking of this, Li Chenchong rushed to the stage and embraced Fan Bingbing affectionately.

The competition for the best actor is quite fierce. Deng Chao finally wins the Golden Rooster Award over strong rivals such as Feng Xiaogang and Liao Fan. He accurately and meticulously depicts Xin Xiaofeng's loneliness, melancholy and depression in scorching sun, which embodies his outstanding ability of character building and performance. Deng Chao was very surprised to win the prize. He said that he had always been a person who had no chance to win the prize, so he was not prepared for anything. He deeply recalled the process and feelings of shaping Xin Xiaofeng, thanked his wife and children, and finally thanked the performance for everything: 'the performance is very wonderful. As Mr. Tielin said, whether to award or not is not the ultimate goal of our favorite performance. Thank you for your encouragement. '

The best director was awarded to Feng Xiaogang, who directed "I'm not Pan Jinlian". This is the best director of Golden Rooster after director Feng won the prize for "assembly" in 2009. Director Feng recalled: 'I started to make new year's movies in 1997. The 2007 "assembly" was a change in creation. By 2017, I won the best director. Thank you for the recognition of Golden Rooster Award for this decade. 'he also thanked Liu Zhenyun, Fan Bingbing and all the actors, and said:' I want to stick to making realistic films all the time. I have a movie "Fanghua" in the National Day film. I want you to go to the cinema to see it. '

The only thing that broke cold that night was the director's first work award. The article beat Zeng Guoxiang, the director of July and Ansheng, with "Lu Yao knows Ma Li". The article also said that it was a surprise, because it was a 'prize that can only be won once in a lifetime', and was in tears at the scene.

The best supporting actor is shared by Wang Qianyuan and Yu Hewei. This is the first time that Wang Qianyuan won the Golden Rooster Award. He said that he finally made a good start. At the same time, he thanked Ding Sheng, the director of "save my husband", for giving him a chance to play a villain. Yu Hewei said that Wang Qianyuan first said that he was too excited, 'I don't think I will be so excited after the vicissitudes of life'. He thanked Feng Xiaogang, Fan Bingbing and all the actors in the "I'm not Pan Jinlian" drama group, 'they are all actors, creating an excellent atmosphere'. The 79 year old actor, Wu Yanshu, won the best supporting actress for "moving".

In addition, the movie "Mekong action" won the Golden Rooster Award for best feature film by beating rivals such as "July and Ansheng", "I'm not Pan Jinlian", "Lao paoer". "Blood battle on Xiangjiang River" won the special award of the organizing committee. Guan Hu and Dong Runnian won the best screenwriter by virtue of the old cannon. Malaqinfu, Liu Shilong and Niu Zhen won the lifetime achievement award.