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What time did the air defense alarm go off on the anniversary of the 918 incident? What is the meani

Today, I believe that many cities will raise the air defense alarm to commemorate the September 18th Incident. Do you know the specific time to raise the air defense alarm? This history will become the driving force for our country to keep moving forward!

After the founding of new China, people couldn't imagine the scene of an air defense warning and the movement of people. Now we can only see such a simulation picture in TV and movies. In order to remember the cruelty of the war, the Japanese massacre of China on September 8 every year will remind the whole country of the long sound of air defense alarm.

In our country, most cities choose 09:18 or 10:00 on September 18 every year. There are also some cities with different air defense alarm times according to their own conditions.

Air raid warning

One is to warn people in advance that the enemy is going to attack the city, and to prepare for air attack. When to alert: when to judge that the enemy may attack. Specified sound signal: sound for 36 seconds, stop for 24 seconds, repeat for 3 times as a cycle, and the time is 3 minutes.

The second is air raid warning, which indicates that the enemy's air attack weapons are close to the city, and the air raid is about or has begun, warning people to conceal quickly. When the air raid alarm is issued: when the obvious signs of the enemy's attack are found. Specified sound signal: 6 seconds for sound, 6 seconds for stop, 15 times for a cycle, 3 minutes for time.

The third is to lift the alarm, indicating that the air raid has ended at this stage and the air raid alarm has been lifted. Time to disarm: when the danger of enemy attack has been eliminated. Specified sound signal: one continuous sound for 3 minutes.