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Women's models are robbed by windmills

With the continuous progress of society, people travel more diversified means of transportation, out of the taxi, a variety of private cars, special cars, online car Hailing has become the first choice for many people to go out, but take the online car Hailing also must not relax vigilance!

according to, it's hard to be a plane model. Because I promised that the invited party of Taizhou would arrive at 9:30 in the morning. At 5:00 on September 13, Xu, a Hangzhou girl, left home. Thinking of being able to catch up on the road, Xu asked for a ride through the car Hailing platform the day before yesterday. Unexpectedly, after arriving in Xinchang, Xiao Xu encountered the most terrible experience in his life: the car stopped in the tunnel, and in a daze, suddenly a big hand grabbed her neck, and there was a bright knife in front of him. 'female models are robbed by riding the windmill' has become a hot topic among netizens. So what should we pay attention to when taking online car Hailing?

What should passengers pay attention to when they take the Internet appointment?

Jiangsu police remind you to remember the license plate number before you get on the bus. It's better to sit right behind the driver

Then, in the process of online taxi hailing, how can citizens ensure their own safety? Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department issued safety tips through the "Jiangsu public security micro policing" platform:

1 before getting on the train, record the train number

Write down the number plate and driver information of the vehicle and transfer them to relatives and friends. Before you get on the bus, you should see the license plate or driver information clearly. You'd better take a picture and secretly transfer it to your family or friends. You can also naturally mention the information of your vehicle when you call your family or friends or send wechat voice. In addition, you can share with your friends and relatives where you are when you get on, on the way or get off at any time.

Where to sit? Be particular

Take the seat directly behind the driver when you get on the bus. Because sitting in this position is the most inconvenient place for the driver to attack the passengers if he has bad thoughts. Also remember, it's best not to sit in the co driver's seat alone, especially at night.

3 don't know, don't carpool

Now there is a car sharing service for online taxi hailing, and car sharing is often cheaper. But remember, it's better not to carpool with people you don't know, because sometimes those who seem to carpool may be with the driver.

On the way 4, dim sum

Pay attention to the route at any time. After getting on the bus, don't play with your mobile phone, listen to music, or even doze off. Especially in the case of driving alone at night, be sure to wake up, pay attention to the driver's driving route, and call for parking at the place where someone is on the road at any time in case of any abnormality. To prevent accidents, you can also share your location with relatives and friends through wechat.

5 in case of danger, call the police

Call the police for help in case of danger. In case of illegal violation when taking online car hailing, first of all, keep calm, look for opportunities to call the police quickly through SMS, phone, wechat, etc., or find opportunities to ask for help from passers-by, and remember the physical features of the other party as much as possible.

Police warned that in summer, when women travel by car, the following steps can be taken to "leave the whole body". Female citizens choose to travel by car at night. The police remind them to protect themselves in the following steps.

Step 1: take photos of the license plate number when the vehicle arrives, and keep the vehicle information;

Step 2: after getting on the bus, choose to sit in the back seat instead of the passenger seat, so that the illegal driver can't reach out;

Step three: someone on the way to carpool, resolutely do not know not carpool, if carpool, get off;

Step 4: when meeting the driver "xianzhushou", call the police for help at the first time, send the license plate information and model features.

At the same time, the professionals also pointed out that the above is only an emergency step. Under normal circumstances, it's better for women to be accompanied by male colleagues or friends when traveling, to avoid being alone with the driver of the special car, and to prevent the sneakers from having a chance.