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Why is it that the 2 master of the white heart has no idea what the outcome is?

Why is it that the 2 master of the white heart has no idea what the outcome is?

Four seas network: Recently, "heartless Master 2" has aroused heated discussions on the Internet. As the white glazed glass with a combination of color value and teasing ratio, many people are curious about the life of white coloured glaze. Why can white glazed glass be afraid of no intention? Let's see below!

Although "white heart" in Wizard 2 is also a wizard, but the real life is born by humans and fox spirits. Therefore, when we meet with the pure species of fox fairy, we hurt each other, sarcasm and mock each other.

Xikang sorcerer, who is good at witchcraft, is called "evil god". After death, he is also the most powerful wizard. I have been cheated of more than 300 pounds. I don't know why I poisoned the son of Maiji chieftain. I was injured by the Lama invited by the chieftain. After that, I will be eaten back by my own insects. I will survive at the expense of my son.

So, call him a "liar" as soon as you see him unintentionally. In the second part of the novel, the white glaze and the half body boss, the body dies, leaves the soul, guards the bunker, watches flowers in summer, and watches snow in winter.

After third decades, the white heart colored glass has been taken out of the bunker unintentionally for several decades. The soul is attached to the little white snake. It has gone through the changes of history. The two plus the "Owl" little owl, the owl, has gone through a strange land.

After fourth decades, there was no way to be bullied by owls and white coloured glaze. Bai Liuli and owl came down the mountain to look for him. They happened to meet a man who was abused by Xiaoding cat (Laoyue version).

Bai Liuli was hurt by revenge for his carelessness and almost died. I had to attach myself to the great lark and the cat.