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Exposure man married 120 people every week take turns to spoil than the emperor also sexual blessing Recently a Thai uncle caught fire. He is not only the local local boss, but also married 120 daughters in law. Yes, 120 are comparable to the ancient Chinese emperors. He also takes turns to pamper every week, with all the rain and dew. Xiaobian just wants to say, how is the kidney?

A 58 year old man from Thailand, Paser, is the boss and construction contractor of a construction materials company. He married 120 wives and concubines and had 28 children. He said he would take turns to pamper his wives and concubines every month every week without getting tired.

According to, Basser said he married his first wife and had three children when he was 17, and then began to take concubines. He admitted that he liked young girls and his concubines were no more than 20 years old. Because he didn't like the older ones, he thought the older ones were easy to talk back.

Basher also stressed that every time he married a new man, he would tell other wives that all wives would accept it and would never quarrel over it. At present, he has 22 wives living in Nagorny and the rest in other places. Basser also said that his secret to making all his wives live together peacefully is to 'respect'. Every time he gets a wife, he will go to the door to ask for marriage according to local customs, and then hold a wedding ceremony.

Basser stressed that he will be responsible for every wife to the end and take good care of all children. The reason why he has so many wives is that he will marry a wife in every place where he works. He loves every wife and believes that all wives love him. Now Basser's oldest wife is 54, the youngest 27, the oldest 40, and the youngest three.

As for the relationship between husband and wife's bedrooms, he said that every week or every month, he would take turns to pamper his wives. There was no problem. He didn't need to take medicine and never felt tired. He also shared the secret of chasing women: when you meet a woman you like, you should take the initiative to attack; you should flatter her elders; you should always remember to bring the gift of meeting; don't lie, move her parents with your heart, and let them be willing to marry your daughter.