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Can fresh osmanthus be directly brewed into tea? What are the effects of Osmanthus tea?

Every year in this season, it is the season of osmanthus fragrance. Osmanthus can not only watch, but also make tea, and the tea is made of osmanthus fragrance, which touches people's taste. Can fresh osmanthus make tea directly?

Generally do not use flowers to make tea, because the pollen in the flowers will cause people's discomfort or allergy. Osmanthus fragrans should be collected, dried in the shade, and then stored in a closed place after impurities are removed. It can be used to make tea and soak wine. Or sugar. When making bean stuffing or Laba porridge, put a pinch of osmanthus, which is fragrant and more appetizing.

Osmanthus tea. It can be brewed alone or with honey (about 5g, you can make a cup of it, the soup is yellow, the taste is fragrant and sweet), or it can be brewed into osmanthus tea with different styles with Longjing tea, Wulong tea, etc.

Method of making osmanthus tea: [material]: 5g dried Osmanthus (15g fresh), proper amount of crystal sugar or honey.

[method]: put osmanthus and lollipop into a cup, brew with hot water for three minutes, filter and drink. If honey is used instead of crystal sugar, it should be added after filtration, and then mixed for drinking.

Efficacy: it has the functions of waking up the stomach, dispersing the turbid, warming the stomach, relieving pain and resolving phlegm. It can be used to treat phlegm, cough and asthma, unclear vision, stagnant food, toothache and halitosis.