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Who is the goddess of Starbucks logo

Who is the goddess of Starbucks logo Starbucks is a well-known coffee chain store in the world. At present, almost all major cities in China want its stores. Speaking of Starbucks brand, we have to pay attention to its most eye-catching logo, which looks like the head of a goddess. Do you know the origin of Starbucks logo? Let's take a look at it together!

Unexpectedly, in just a few years, Starbucks has opened 2300 stores in our tea drinking country! The early Starbucks actually started from sexual suggestion.

When Starbucks was first established, it was for everyone to drink the coffee that was originally enjoyed by the upper class. Today, a newly established business center, Starbucks must be the first to enter. A cup of Starbucks every day has become the standard match for many young men and women.

Starbucks goddess? Born to be a Dementor!

Today's Starbucks logo is a beautiful mermaid goddess with a kind smile. In fact, the original mermaid was full of sexy and seductive nudity, and was not born as a goddess. Her real body originated from the siren in Greek mythology, which was specially designed to absorb the souls of the crew who were not determined in the sea with the body of seduction.

Seductive body, cheap coffee

The first Starbucks logo image, inspired by a 16th century double tailed Mermaid woodcarving by a Seattle designer Teri & middlet; heckler in 1971, is naked, with two tails separated. The implication is self-evident. (in the 1970s, most coffee drinkers were men) Starbucks achieved the best balance in the price control of coffee. The original luxurious coffee has become a drink that everyone can afford.

The father of the new Buck

Now the "father of Starbucks - Howard & Middleton; Schulz", who brought Starbucks to the world stage, was only a member of the Starbucks marketing department and left soon after he did so. The young man is very intelligent. He not only opened his own daily coffee, but also found a venture capital to buy all the shares of the old company for $3.8 million. Then we saw the Starbucks empire. The logo of Starbucks is more and more implicit. First, it covers the chest with long hair, and the image is more and more abstract.