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Can we renew Starbucks Coffee take the iPhone, wear the DW watch, wear the new Bailun, and drink Starbucks. This kind of combination can be called the most B-loaded thing in China. Starbucks is generally considered to be a forced place in China (who let us all have the gene to install x). For many people who go to Starbucks for the first time, there is always a question. Can Starbucks renew the cup?

1. However, we can't (do you think it's beef soup downstairs?) all Starbucks don't have a coffee renewal service.

2. All Starbucks hot water is provided free of charge. If you don't consume it, you can ask the clerk to help you pour it.

3. Starbucks needs to buy milk, but there is free milk and sugar for American coffee on the bar. You can pour it for free, just like you bought it, but you are willing to buy coffee, so you can save this milk money!

Which Starbucks can renew

Starbucks has some special drinks that can be renewed, such as Chinese tea.

For friendly acquaintances, they sometimes offer a little thought. A free refill of a concentrated cup, or a small cake, are all within our capabilities.