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Is money management safe and reliable? How about the income from loving money?

Is aiqianjin's investment and financing platform reliable? Is it safe? Compared with other financing platforms in China, aiqianjin's revenue is relatively high, so many people question whether aiqianjin's financing is safe and reliable? Aiqianjin is an innovative Internet financial website launched on May 6, 2014. It is a relatively transparent platform in China's Internet finance, providing transparent, safe and efficient Internet financial services for investment and financial users.

Aiqianjin investment and financing platform is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pratt & Whitney financial information services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which adopts o2o operation mode: aiqianjin finds out the borrower online, completes the credit review and post loan management of the borrower offline with the help of parent company Pratt & Whitney finance, and verifies the authenticity of the borrower's information. So its subject matter is mostly the subject matter of the assignment of creditor's rights. Pratt & Whitney finance has 18 offline business stores and many offline financial management teams. The operation mode is similar to that of creditability, but it is basically personal unsecured credit loan.

Previously, aiqianjin's risk reserve was deposited in China Merchants Bank, and a custody agreement was signed, and China Merchants Bank regularly issued a custody report. On June 5, the partner of aiqianjin was changed to Minsheng Bank, and the original custody agreement was also changed into deposit agreement. According to the latest capital deposit report released by the platform, the platform has only deposited the risk reserve in Minsheng Bank, with an amount of about 49.7 million yuan. At present, the platform is dominated by long-term bid of more than June and small bid of less than 100000 yuan.

Love money is also a platform with background. Although it is not as tall as Lu Jinsuo, it also has certain qualifications. After all, inclusive finance has some strength.

The annual income of aiqianjin platform is between 10% and 12%, which is lower than the industry average level. For example, the annual income of Jinhai loan, a first-line platform, is about 13% - 17%. Now, you can send 100 yuan red packets as soon as you register.

Love money into the main two products, are: the whole deposit and zero money Tong. The whole deposit mainly consists of March and December standard. The return of March standard is 6% - 8%, and that of December standard is 12% - 14%. Can automatically bid, very convenient. And the change pass is a small and low threshold financial management plan launched by aiqianjin. Threshold is relatively low, 50 yuan can be added. The term is 24 months and 48 months. The two products have their own advantages and disadvantages. The whole deposit borrowing cycle is short and flexible, but the income is low and the threshold is high. The change pass has high income and low threshold, but the cycle is too long and the liquidity is relatively poor. Investors can choose according to their own needs.

Is it safe and reliable to invest and manage money?

1. Principal and interest protection plan

Aiqianjin has formulated a 'principal and interest guarantee plan' in terms of ensuring fund safety. When each loan is completed, the platform will withdraw a certain proportion of the amount into the 'risk reserve account' (entrusted by China Merchants Bank). When the loan project has overdue bad debts, the platform will advance the payment through the risk reserve.

2. Escrow account of the third party

The recharge and withdrawal of the user's fund of aiqianjin is operated through the online banking and banking system of the third-party payment company, and the corresponding funds are also stored in the bank accounts of these institutions. In addition, in addition to the pre loan audit, post loan follow-up, management and other mainstream risk control modes, the loan amount of aiqianjin is small, with an average of no more than 100000 yuan per transaction. This principle of small amount dispersion also reduces the risk of investors to some extent.

3. Disclosure of loan items

In terms of loan project disclosure, aiqianjin's information about the borrower, the whereabouts of funds, transaction records and other information disclosure is more transparent, but there are no pictures, if there are pictures, it will be better.