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Why is the income so high? How to calculate the income of love money?

Aiqianjin, the brand of Fanpu Jinke, focuses on mobile Internet financing, and the platform yield is at the highest level in the industry, which is favored by investors. Compared with other financial products, the income is very objective, so many people have such a question, why is the income so high and what are the risks?

How much is the annual income of love money?

Love money into 1 in case of annual income how much? There are two specific plans 1, love money into the whole deposit +. The whole deposit + is a bidding tool launched by aiqianjin platform based on the existing scattered bidding investment projects, which will distribute the investment amount of investors to several scattered bidding intelligently and realize the diversification of investment risk. Features suitable for short-term idle funds; expected high annualized yield.

Love money in case of annual income

According to the investment rules, 1000 yuan will be invested at the beginning of each investment, increasing by a multiple of 1000 yuan. It is expected that the closing period of annual yield will be 6.35% in three months, 7.35% in six months, 9.35% in 12 months and 9.8% in 18 months. For example, when Mr. B invests in the whole deposit + 10000 yuan, according to the formula of principal * annual settlement rate / 12 * holding month, it can be calculated that there are so many 10000 * 9.35% / 12 / * 12 = 935 yuan in one year.

2. Invest love money into zero and save Treasure +. Zero deposit is an investment plan launched by aiqianjin platform on the basis of existing scattered standard investment projects, which can be taken with deposit and calculated by daily interest. The investment rule starts from 500 yuan and increases by a multiple of 500. The expected annual return is 5.0% (novice 10%, enjoy 11 days).

For example, if Mr. a invests zero deposit + 10000 yuan, according to the formula of daily interest = principal * annualized calculation rate / 12 / 31, it can be calculated that the daily interest is about 1.344 yuan. Then love money into 10000 yuan a year income is about 1.344 * 365 = 490.59 yuan.