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What is Jin Dong's Nobel Prize in mathematics? What happened to the collapse of Jin Dong's human fac

When it comes to the old cadres, Jin Dong, Hu Ge and Wang Kai must have been the first to think of. Who made the classic "pretender" unforgettable? But what's the reason for Jin Dong's Nobel Prize in mathematics? The old cadres collapsed completely!

This is the three brothers who have been burning all over the country. Recently, one of them has been separated from the group. That is Jin Dong, who has a lot of controversy recently. I don't know if he is too old or not, but Jin Dong has met with the collapse of human facilities.

Jin Dong, acting school, must be described as such by many audiences. However, if you put a good actor in the wrong place, you have to show off as a cultural person. You often post some incomprehensible 'poetry words', solar terms and other traditional characters on Weibo. As a result, you often make jokes.

What is Jin Dong's Nobel Prize in mathematics?

Jin Dong was interviewed by a magazine before, because a detail was mocked by the group.

In order to make a good TV play, he went to search for the articles written by the Nobel Prize winner.

However, Nobel himself did not set up the Nobel Prize in mathematics. And what he hates most is mathematicians, who feel embarrassed;

After the video was broadcast, the netizens were taunting. Jin Dong failed to install B. the editor of the magazine had already apologized, saying that it was "the magazine published wrongly", and the back foot of Jin Dong's team said that it was "Jin Dong's mistake". So who should carry the pot?