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Where's dad? 5 Where's the first shot? Where dad goes 5 shooting locations

Where's dad 5 is on Mango TV and Youku at 12:00 this Thursday. Every season of "where to go dad" has a guest highlight, and the shooting place will also become a tourist attraction. So where is the first shooting place of "where to go dad 5"?

Shooting time: 2017.8.17-2017.8.19

Shooting location: Dongxiang Island, maotouqian, Beigang, etc. (Preliminary)

Broadcast time: early September

The fifth season of "where's the father" begins. Dujiang and his son 'hum', Chen Xiaochun and his son 'Jasper' join in, recording the first stop in Pingtan, Fujian Province.

Where does Dad go? 5 introduction of shooting location

Pingtan, also known as "Lan", is located in the east of Fujian Province, facing Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait. It is the closest place in mainland China to Taiwan Island. It is composed of 126 islands mainly composed of Haitan Island. Haitan Island is also a famous fishing base Pingtan is located at 25 & deg; 15 & prime; - 25 & deg; 45 & prime; N, 119 & deg; 32 & prime; - 120 & deg; 10 & prime; e;. It is adjacent to Taiwan Strait in the East, Haitan Strait in the west, Fuqing City, Changle City and Putian City. It is close to Nanri Island, Xiuyu District, Putian City in the South and Baigou islands in the north. Pingtan County is composed of 126 islands, with land area of 371.91 square kilometers, beach area of 64.65 square kilometers, sea area of more than 6000 square kilometers and coastline of 399.82 kilometers.

In July 2013, Pingtan comprehensive experimental area obtained and exercised the authority of economic and social management of divided cities, which is a prefecture level administrative area directly under Fujian Province. Pingtan County and Pingtan comprehensive experimental area implement the management system of "integration of government and area" (administrative area and experimental area) Pingtan has a long history, but the development is late. There are still a large number of original island buildings on the island. After the national development, famous enterprises gather on the island, and Taiwan CHENHONG group and other enterprises successively settle in Pingtan.