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Which stars play Jedi survival? Why is Jedi survival game called chicken eating game?

the Jedi's survival is becoming more and more popular. Many stars and local heroes who like to play the game begin to play the chicken eating game. Today, Lin Xin was scolded by Wang Sicong because of the level of the game. What's Chen Helin's ID for updating the chicken eating game? Yesterday, the game was paid attention to by many people because of Wang Sicong's scolding Lin Xin. Unexpectedly, the sword took the lead, and the game became popular, So which stars like to play this game? Why is Jedi survival game called chicken eating game?

For example, we are familiar with: Chen he, Wang Sicong, Lin newer, Lin Junjie and so on. So, what are the survival abilities of these stars and local heroes who like to play chicken eating game? Let's have a look!

Lin Xin, because he doesn't often play with the headmaster, Chen he and JJ, so the ID still doesn't know! However, Lin Xin's chicken eating ability can be said to be: the God of landing into a box! It can also be said to be the most delicious one among the four people!

Lin Junjie, the Jedi's survival ID is' timkeeper '. Recently, he and Wang Sicong often drive black to eat chicken together, which is of great strength! Lin Junjie also has a lot of friends who play chicken eating games. As for the big names, we don't know yet!

Wang Sicong, the Jedi survival ID is "sophirexig". The president's strength can be said to be very good, and his driving skills are first-class! Every time he drives black with Chen he and JJ, the president is a full-time driver, and in order to eat chicken at last, the president is willing to block the gun for the anchor! When meeting such a boss, the anchor are very moved!

Chen he, the Jedi's survival ID is' cheese_ ', and the genius Chen he really doesn't scream for nothing! Chen he has extraordinary chicken eating ability. He has formed his own team and participated in the competition. His strength is far beyond that of ordinary players! Recently, Chen he has also participated in the chicken eating competition, leading the team to obtain excellent results! Chicken eating ability can be said to be No.1 in the stars!

Players, the Jedi survival ID of these stars has told you that if you encounter them while eating chicken, you must not come here! You must run to send the third level head, the third level a, M24, 98K and so on! You must not underestimate the strength of these stars, they are very powerful players!