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Is Luowen a snowman without proof? How did Luo Wen's wife and daughter die?

The crime of waiting for a week will be broadcast again tonight, isn't it a little excited? Another home-made drama of iqiyi, crime without proof, went online. First of all, the first episode of "crime without certificate" briefly introduces the characters and the "snowman" homicide case, so why does the snowman without certificate always kill people? Is the snowman really Luowen?

There is not much thrill and thrill in the crime without proof, but more about the background of the characters. In the presence of Deng Jiajia, the "little aunt", Zhu Huiru's role gives a poor and weak image of a weak woman. It's a pity that he is a junior. Although the Lord is not a good thing, it's not wrong to scold him under any circumstances. At this time, we need to save the United States with heroes. Although Guo Yu's intelligence quotient and emotional quotient are a little anxious, people are saved.

Conclusion of crime without evidence

Deng Jiajia's acting is OK, there is no trace of "little aunt". I don't know if it's a problem of polishing. Deng Jiajia's face is full of traces of hyaluronic acid. Then, the serious tone in front of Qin Hao deviated, and even the venue and camera had a 'personality'. Yan Liang (Qin Hao) is really a "black-and-white" two-way all-in-one, with a personality of the children's police. A serious criminal investigation drama turns into a comedy when it comes to Qin Hao, but Qin Hao's degree is very good, and he won't let people play in minutes.

"Chasing the murderer in the white night" made pan Yueming angry. It is estimated that "crime without proof" will make Qin Hao angry.

After the second and third episodes, Zhu Huiru, played by Deng Jiajia, wanted to get rid of the entanglement of cooking. So she met Huang Mao, a little gangster, and was cheated to implement QJ under the bridge. When Zhu Huiru and Guo Yu arrived, they joined hands with Ko. The plot of crime without proof also stepped into the main line.

When Zhu Huiru and Guo Yu were at a loss, Luo Wen, the snowman, appeared to cover up the scene of the crime.

This Luo Wen is a reliable partner of Yan Liang before. He is a top forensic student in China. Because he lost his wife and daughter on a business trip, but because no one died, no one was found. After that, Luo Wen used extreme means to check himself, resulting in many homicide cases. Every time after killing, he left a "please come and catch me" clamour on the ground Zhang Dazi, the reason why he did that is just to find the owner of a strange fingerprint. The method is cruel.