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How much is the price of Apple 8 blush? How many colors does Apple 8 have?

In the past two days, all kinds of gossip about Apple 8 has been coming. Isn't it a bit overwhelming for Apple fans? However, there are many Apple fans who are curious about the color of Apple 8. This new opportunity won't add new colors? What color does iPhone 8 have? Which color is the best for Apple 8?

Today, the great God Benjamin Geskin&rlm was released, and new materials were released on Twitter. He said that the new color matching of iPhone 8 was called'Blush Gold (Sai Hongjin) by Foxconn. This color will replace tuhaojin and rose gold and become one of the main colors in the future. It is neutral and suitable for both men and women.

It is reported that 'blush gold' will be combined with silver and black for the three production of iPhone 8 this year. In terms of storage, there are 64GB and 128GB capacity options.

According to the latest leaked information, @ appleidesigner, the designer, has made a set of iPhone 8 three-color renderings, and said that this is the latest renderings received from the mass production version of the real machine.

Compared with the iPhone 7, the material and appearance design of the iPhone have changed dramatically. It's the first time in history to return to the tradition of glass + metal middle frame, adopt a comprehensive screen design, cancel the touch ID fingerprint home key and vertical double shot.

It has to be said that this group of rendering is much better than the previous exposure models, especially when the new "blush gold" is full of texture while taking into account fashion and individuality. The front black border also makes up for the lack of the forehead 'staying in the sea'. It seems to be more integrated and not unexpected.

Apple will hold a new iPhone launch on September 12, and then the new iPhone will open for pre purchase on September 15 and sale on September 22. Apple's announcement on Tuesday and launch on Friday next week (September 22) coincides with Apple's previous practice.

In terms of price, according to previous reports, the price of iPhone 8 will not be less than 7000 yuan, or even up to 8000 yuan! And the memory version of iPhone 8 is the only one that affects the price. Previously, there have been reports that the memory version of iPhone 8 will be 64g, 128G and 256g. However, recently, some netizens also disclosed that there are only 128G and 256g versions of iPhone 8, and the price may also be adjusted to 8188, quoting Can't afford to discuss.

From the point of color matching, this color seems to be Apple's main attack on female users, and the incident also mentioned that this year, iPhone 8 will only have two storage capacity of 64GB and 128GB, while three new machines have only three color matching options, namely black, silver and new gold. Next, blush gold will become the object of other cell phone manufacturers to imitate.