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What do you mean by 24 solar terms and autumnal equinox? What are the customs of autumn equinox?

It's less than half a month since the autumnal equinox. It's a very important festival among the 24 solar terms. What are the customs and habits of the autumnal equinox? "Spring and autumn is full of dew & middot; Yin and Yang go in and out of the upper and lower chapters" the autumnal equinox is accompanied by Yin and Yang, so it's cold and hot day and night. "On the day of autumnal equinox, the sun is directed directly at the earth's equator, with 24-hour equinox. Autumnal equinox is the solar term of equinox in autumn. People attach great importance to it, so people form various autumnal equinox customs.

1. Autumn Festival

In ancient times, there was a saying that "the sun is sacrificed in spring and the moon is sacrificed in autumn". According to research, at first, the festival was set on the day of autumn equinox. Later, because there is not necessarily a full moon every year, the festival was transferred from autumn equinox to mid autumn. So far, there are many historic sites in China, such as "worship altar", "worship Pavilion" and "moon tower". The custom of sacrificing the moon varies from place to place. There is a special custom of sacrificing to the moon in Beijing, that is, 'when you offer to the moon, most men don't kowtow', which is the folk saying, 'men don't worship the moon'. Hangzhou calls the festival of the moon "Ramadan Palace". Sacrificing the moon in Guangdong Province is to worship a statue of Phoenix crowned with the sun and the moon carved in wood.

2. Erect eggs

'autumn equinox, pretty eggs'. On the day of spring equinox or autumn equinox every year, tens of millions of people in many parts of our country are doing the experiment of "egg erecting". Choose a 'well proportioned' fresh egg and put it on the table lightly. Although there are many losers, there are many winners, and the erected egg is not beautiful.

3. Eat autumn vegetables

In Lingnan area, the Xie surname in Cangcheng town of Kaiping, which used to be the four cities (now with Heshan as the five cities), has a non festival custom called "eat autumn vegetables at the autumn equinox". 'Autumn vegetable' is a kind of wild amaranth, which is called 'Artemisia Qiubi' by villagers. It is mostly green, with thin trees, about the length of palms. On the day of autumn equinox, the whole village goes to pick autumn vegetables. The autumn vegetables that are picked back are usually "boiling soup" with fish fillets, named "autumn soup", to pray for the peace of the house and strong and healthy body.

4, worship God

The folk festivals around the autumnal equinox are: the birthday of Kaizhang Saint King on February 15; the birthday of GuanShiYin Bodhisattva on February 19. Every birthday, believers often go to various Guanyin temples to worship; the birthday of Three Mountain Kings on February 25: the Three Mountain Kings refer to the mountain gods of Dushan, Mingshan and Jinshan in Jieyang County, Chaozhou Prefecture, Guangdong Province. In the early years, Chaozhou Hakka immigrants became the patron gods in autumn, Therefore, most of the believers are foreigners.

5. Send autumn cattle

Autumn equinox solar terms, and the custom of sending pictures of autumn cattle from house to house. Print the solar term of the whole year and the pattern of farmer's farming on the red paper or yellow paper, which is called "the picture of autumn cattle". The picture giver said that autumn ploughing and auspiciousness are not against the time of farming. He said what he saw and what he said. Although he came out at will, every sentence has a beautiful rhyme, which is commonly known as "saying autumn". He said that he would give money for his master's music.

6. Stick on the beak

On the day of autumn equinox, farmers have a holiday according to custom. Every family has to eat tangyuan. Tangyuan is mainly made of glutinous rice and other ingredients. The ingredients are often high in sugar and heat, which helps to supplement the body's heat energy, tonify the blood, promote the sun and strengthen the spleen. Farmer friends also need to cook more than ten or twenty or thirty dumplings without wrapping their hearts, and place them on the edge of the outdoor field with a bamboo fork, which is called sticking the beak of finches, so as not to damage the crops.