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Can moon cakes be sent abroad on Mid Autumn Festival? Which countries forbid mooncakes?

The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. Eating moon cakes in the Mid Autumn Festival has been a tradition since ancient times. However, there is no Mid Autumn Festival in some foreign countries. Can moon cakes be sent to foreign countries? Which countries prohibit sending moon cakes by post? Let's take stock together with the editor!

Mooncakes are very popular in China, but it's not necessary to go abroad, because some countries don't have the Mid Autumn Festival. Some countries even prohibit moon cakes. Although some countries can mail moon cakes, there are many troublesome regulations, such as New Zealand forbids the moon cakes with egg yolk and honey fillings to be mailed into the country, for example, Australia stipulates that the moon cakes sent to the country should be marked as' holiday gifts'. New Zealand prohibits mooncakes with honey fillings from being mailed into the country. The United States requires the recipient to apply for FDA food registration in advance and mark the confirmation number on the detailed list. Poland requires that mooncakes sent into the country by post must obtain a license from the Ministry of agriculture of the country and indicate the sugar content.

It can be seen from this that the mailing of mooncakes is really very strict, so it's not impossible to mail mooncakes, but it's not recommended to mail them, because it's really troublesome, but it's not necessary. In addition, some places abroad also sell mooncakes, such as the United States. Especially in California, where Chinese gather, there are shelves of moon cakes in Chinese / Hong Kong / Korean supermarkets. Cheap is usually less than 10 yuan for a box of four double yellow. There are also many mooncakes in Chinese supermarkets in the big cities on the east coast, and each Chinese restaurant can order them by itself.

Which countries and regions have banned the receiving and sending of mooncakes, including Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Qatar, India, Indonesia Burma, Saudi Arabia, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Burundi, Gabon, Ethiopia, Sultan and Libya.

Regulations on the entry of mooncakes by post

1. U.S.: food containing a small amount of meat, poultry or egg products must be produced under the supervision of U.S. inspection agency or recognized foreign food management agency. The recipient shall provide a health certificate and be subject to health inspection, and the filling shall be free of yolk and meat ingredients.

2. EU: the requirements for aflatoxin B1 in mooncakes containing dried fruits are far higher than those of Chinese standards.

3. UK: it needs to be inspected by the local health and quarantine agency. It is required to provide relevant documents for sending mooncakes and pay about £ 60 for each piece.

4. Japan: no quarantine certificate and certificate of origin are required for less than 5kg, but the ingredients and effective date shall be indicated on the moon cake box. For more than 5kg, the recipient shall provide animal and plant quarantine certificate and the sender's certificate of origin.

5. Australia: it should be noted as a holiday gift, and the filling should not contain egg yolk, meat, grapefruit, carambola, taro, etc.

6. New Zealand: the imported moon cake fillings shall not contain egg yolk, and it is strictly prohibited to enter the country with honey fillings, and only the gift moon cake mails sent by individuals are accepted.

7. Canada: it is required to provide relevant documents for sending moon cakes. The imported moon cake filling shall not contain egg yolk and meat ingredients.