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What's the meaning of "no fuck"

What's the meaning of "no fuck" Recently, the theory of "no fund" often appears on social networks. Many people don't know what it means. In fact, it's a story of a blogger. This kind of Chinese and Western combination is popular among netizens and creates a lot of Chinese and Western words. Let's have a look at it next!

The word originated from a paragraph posted by a blogger on Weibo, which is to create a new word called "no fuck to say", the original word is "no word to say". The ingenious use of the homophony of "fuck" and Hu Jianren's interference made the word instantly popular on the Internet, aroused the creative enthusiasm of netizens and friends, and contributed the limited vocabulary to the infinite cause of creating new idioms for the people 。 For a while, many idioms have been lost: no phone, talk about cell phone, stay if Muji, Cher, nonsense, book speculation, star are empty, etc.

"No fund to talk about" development experience

As a matter of fact, before the word appeared, some bloggers had sent out their own dishes with English names, xyyzy: do you want to eat stewed Jimmy rice, preserved egg solo porridge, blood duck fans soup, fish rose, West horse fried eggs, fried bingo, green pepper rose gay John fan? It's the same as the word "no fuck" we mentioned today.

This is the introduction of the word. Everyone is so talented, I really have nothing to say, only kneel down and hug the thigh, who let me really be a five!