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Does the DMO go to work on National Day? Can I license a car on National Day?

During the national day, we have enough time to go to see and buy cars, and maybe there will be holiday discounts. After buying a car, the first thing is to get a license plate. Does the car management office work on National Day?

Does the vehicle management office work on National Day 2017? There may be on duty personnel in some areas.

However, in recent years, with the increasing number of motor vehicles in many cities, the number of applicants for driver's license has also increased greatly, and the test capacity of the government examination room is limited, resulting in the increase of the backlog of students year by year. Many measures have been taken to increase the number of examinations, including the construction of a large government examination center, the extension of examination time and the use of festival examinations So for example, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other cities began to provide external services at the National Day vehicle management office last year. If you really want to go to the vehicle management office for business during the national day, you can also consult the local actual situation.

National Day holiday in 2017: from October 1 to October 8, 2017, 8 days in total. And the Mid Autumn Festival.

October 1 (Sunday), October 2 (Monday) and October 3 (Tuesday) are the National Day legal holidays, September 30 (Saturday). October 9 (Sunday) normal work

Can't the National Day DMV license plate.

Since all of them are on holiday, it is certainly not possible to apply for the license plate. The national units of vehicle management shall follow the arrangement for the holidays. Those on duty on holidays shall handle emergencies and not handle general business. Please take the leave. You can buy a car ahead of time, or you have to wait until after the holiday!