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Which cities in China put in bicycles because of ofo? How much does ofo charge for bike sharing in C

Recently, there have been many customized bicycles in many cities. Do you have a strong sense of national pride when you ride them? In which city do you have this kind of bicycles? In other cities, the "green riding trend" raised by ofo small yellow cars directly and effectively reduces the use frequency of local motor vehicles and relieves the traffic congestion pressure. Do you like this bike ?

'let the world have no strange corner', which is the brand vision of ofo. How to achieve it? The most intuitive is to take a new, fashionable, comfortable and convenient small yellow car as the carrier, so that people in every corner of every city in the world fall in love with the feeling of riding small yellow. Wherever they go, the green travel trend of low-carbon and environmental protection is sweeping by, and "no land is left".

With the rapid overseas expansion and new car iteration of ofo, this beautiful goal is becoming a reality step by step.

Recently, ofo, together with CCTV finance and economics, launched a new type of bicycle with unique meaning and easy to ride, a customized version of bicycle that "has made a great impact on our country". As soon as the first batch of bicycles landed on the streets of Beijing, a large number of passers-by were attracted by its super high appearance value, and could not wait to unlock the test bike. Many users couldn't help but say that the new bicycle was "extraordinarily light and light, better than a generation of frameless Xiaohuang It's the best bike to ride! "

What's the shape and riding experience of cycling in our country? How can it be loved by everyone?

On August 29, the first time column of CCTV finance and economics channel made a special report on the customized bicycle that "has made a great impact on our country", introduced the appearance design of the bicycle, and praised its innovative spirit and patriotic feelings How to use my bike

The customized bike is jointly customized by ofo and CCTV financial channel, continuing the classic appearance of Moby bike, which is mainly different from the wheel. The front wheel is almost completely closed, with the words "our country has been greatly improved" printed on it. The rear wheel is hollow because of the lock.