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How to fold the quilt for freshmen? How to fold the new quilt into tofu pieces?

Now many universities have started school. Military training is the first class after freshmen enter school. It mainly trains people's quality and system. Military training association has trained many things, among which the most abnormal thing is to fold quilts. How can military training quilts be folded into tofu pieces?

How to fold the quilts in military training 1. First, lay the quilts flat, and the four corners of the quilts should be flat and saturated.

2. Divide the quilt into three equal parts, take one third of the width and fold it up, and align it at the same time.

3. Fold up the other half and the third part, and then wipe it from one end to the other to remove the air in the quilt.

4. Fold the other third of the quilt, follow the second and third steps, and finally wipe it to remove the air.

5. Then divide the quilt into four equal parts and fold one end to the half.

6. Then operate the other end as in step 5.

7. Wipe and align the two sides before merging.

8. Choose to fold one side again, so as to fold it out. For the unsatisfied corners that need to be handled by hand, you can sort them out.

Why should the quilts of the PLA be folded into tofu pieces? This is a way to improve the personality of soldiers. In fact, folding quilts, doing internal affairs and walking in line are all to complete the 'basic format' of a soldier, which is called 'nurturance education' in the military terminology.

Through day-to-day training and cultivation, we can cultivate the sense of obedience of soldiers, which solves the psychological problems of soldiers. From the point of view of life, many people may feel that they don't agree with each other, but it will take a long time to train the soldiers into the soldiers who are required by the army to obey orders. This kind of behavior is the same as the principle of standing in the army and walking in the square, which is to cultivate the discipline of the soldiers.