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What are the gifts for teachers' day in 2017

Teacher's Day is coming in a few days. For parents, is it OK to think about what gift to give to teachers? What gift to give on 2017 teacher's Day is quite innovative. Today's Sihai net editor will recommend a creative gift summary for you!

1. Unforgettable decoration of charcoal carving by Shien

If you simply say this sentence, it seems a little frivolous. This unforgettable carbon carving ornament is the greatest return to the teacher. The carbon carving can clean the air and is a gift for teachers' day.

2. Shien Magnolia crystal ornament

White Magnolia embellishment is a symbol of high purity and fragrance, complementing the temperament of teachers. Crystal lettering is more memorable. It is a treasure that can be treasured forever on Teachers' day, whether it is issued by units or presented by students.

3. Carnation crystal ornament

When it comes to carnations, people generally think of mothers, but how can teachers' love for students not be like this? In 2017, it's better to choose a carnation crystal, which can shine at night, with high cost-effective and meaningful.

4. Peony active charcoal pen holder

The pen holder is the necessary office supplies for teachers. The peony is also in line with teachers' temperament. The activated carbon carving technology is also a brilliant stroke placed on Teachers' desks.

5. Unforgettable jade ornaments of Shien

Many people will visit teachers on Teachers' day. A souvenir of high quality is the best choice. Natural jade carving is also the theme of "teacher's grace". Collection and commemoration are both in line.

6. Smooth sailing crystal pen holder ornament

Smooth sailing is the most beautiful blessing on Teachers' day. The crystal pen can also engrave the wish. The intentional gift is not necessarily a red bag or a shopping card, but some of the more commonly used daily gifts. The details look at the people's heart. I hope you can write sincere feelings between teachers and students.

7. Carved purple sand tea cup

Of course, there is no lack of male teachers in the teachers' team. They talk frequently at ordinary times. Drinking water and tea is also indispensable. A teacup with purple sand that can be engraved is definitely a teacher's Day gift that other people care about.

8. Playboy pen gift box

Teachers usually work with an excellent pen, Playboy's pen just can help you to complete this requirement, high-end exquisite workmanship, comfortable feel, will become the teacher's personal assistant, teacher's Day essential gift Oh!

9. Wooden fish and stone lettering heat preservation cup

As the most intimate gift, the thermos cup follows the teacher's every day, from the classroom to the office, and engraves your blessing on it to make him / her feel warm.

10. Thank you teacher towel certificate gift box

This is a very novel gift. The towel is printed with the teacher's hard care. The gift box contains the feedback of the teacher's hard work certificate, which is a very suitable gift for teachers.

What should we pay attention to when giving gifts on Teachers' Day

1. As the saying goes, gifts are less important than feelings. Therefore, when choosing gifts for teachers on teacher's day, don't give them too expensive, which is not only a burden to yourself, but also a great possibility to be rejected by teachers.

2. Don't ask the teacher what he likes directly. In this way, he will be rejected and his sincerity will be doubted.

3. Don't ask about the gifts from other parents, let alone compare them. The gifts only represent some intentions, not that the teacher who receives them will take care of your baby.

4. Don't give unrealistic gifts to teachers, such as dresses or high-end jewelry. Consider whether teachers can use the gifts you give in daily life.

5. Remember to remove the price tag and store bags. No matter how inexpensive the gift itself is, it's better to pack it with wrapping paper. Sometimes the subtle places can show the intention of the giver.

6. The price of the gift is not the main determinant. Some of the gifts made by ourselves are especially touching to the teacher.

7. If the gift is relatively novel, it is necessary to explain the specific purpose and usage to the other party so that the other party can understand the gift better.

8. When giving gifts, in order to show that you value each other's attitude, it can be said that I specially selected it, and I am sure you will like it.