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The second voice of the family members of the parturient women fell into luoshengmen

A lying in woman in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, fell down from the 5th floor of the hospital and died because of pain, which has attracted attention for days. At present, the hospital and the family have different opinions and fall into luoshengmen for a while, so what causes the maternal to fall down and die?

the reporter of Beiqing news learned that during the period of waiting for delivery, the puerpera had walked out of the waiting room several times and proposed caesarean section but was refused. At present, the family members and the hospital have different opinions on 'who refused the caesarean section'. On September 6, the hospital issued a statement again, giving a screenshot of the monitoring screen after the accident, saying that the mother had knelt down and repeatedly 'communicated with the family (cesarean section) was refused'. Later, family members told Beiqing news that there was no sound recorded in the monitoring screen, "kneeling" screen was due to the pain of the parturient who could not bear to squat down, and said that the parturient asked for cesarean section several times, and her husband agreed. Beiqing news reporter learned that at present, Yulin City Health and Family Planning Bureau has been involved in the investigation.

On September 6, the first hospital in Yulin once again issued a statement, saying that the public security department had issued a written investigation conclusion: excluding homicide, the puerpera committed suicide by jumping off the building. For "who refused to have a cesarean section on earth", the hospital presented three materials: 1. The maternal couple signed the "informed consent of maternal hospitalization" before delivery, signed it, and confirmed the willingness to give birth according to the fingerprint. 2. The nursing record sheet records three times of rejection of records by family members during the course of labor. The contents show that: at the first time, 'the patient is extremely uncooperative and asks for cesarean section & hellip; & hellip; family members express understanding and refuse operation'; at the second time, 'the patient leaves the waiting room & hellip; & hellip; family members still refuse operation'; at the third time, 'the puerpera still insists on cesarean section and family members still refuse operation'. 3. The hospital released the screenshot of the monitoring screen after the incident. In the screenshot, the fallen mother walked out of the waiting room three times to meet with her family members, including two kneeling scenes. The hospital said: 'communication between the mother and her family members in the monitoring video was rejected'.

In addition, the hospital presented a power of attorney for "why the family member must sign for cesarean section", saying that "the mother signed the power of attorney", authorizing her husband to be fully responsible for signing all relevant documents. Without the consent of the authorized person, the hospital has no right to sign without the consent of the authorized person in case of no life-threatening emergency (maternal blood pressure and normal fetal heart rate recorded in the delivery process) Change the mode of production. '

On the morning of September 6, Beiqing daily contacted Yanli, the cousin of the husband of the deceased woman. For the second statement of Yulin first hospital, he said that the family did not approve. Yanli said that the monitoring of the maternal is not kneeling, is the squatting movement when the pain, is not kneeling to the family members for caesarean section.

Yanli said that when the puerpera gave birth to the house twice, she said, 'I can't bear the pain. Tell the doctor about it'. When she accidentally squatted on the ground, her husband Yanbin (pseudonym) immediately went to help her, but the family members waiting for childbirth at that time kindly reminded her to let the mother first slow down on the ground and then get up. 'my cousin told the hospital at that time. If not, we would have a caesarean section. "Yanli told Beiqing news," but after the examination, both doctors said they didn't need caesarean section. They gave birth immediately and took away the bedding of the child. '

In the hospital statement, Yan Li told Beiqing daily that when his family members mentioned twice that he could have a smooth birth, he could have another caesarean section when he asked the doctor about his condition during the birth process before signing the agreement on August 30. After listening to the notes, Yanbin signed and pressed his fingerprint.

In addition, after the incident, some netizens questioned the family members' to save money or customs, regardless of the maternal body to insist on a smooth delivery ', for which, Yanli told Beiqing news,' we have no such consideration. We began to choose to give birth, is that the body damage to pregnant women is small, pregnant women recover quickly in the later period. Caesarean section is more harmful to the body, so on August 30, we said "if you can give birth, you can give birth". But on the afternoon of August 31, we said & lsquo; no, let's go to caesarean section;. '

Later, the reporter of Beiqing news contacted president Yang of Yulin first hospital and asked whether the attending doctor of the deceased mother could speak publicly. Yang said the two doctors involved are currently under investigation. On the morning of September 6, a reporter from Beiqing Daily called Yulin health and Family Planning Bureau, and the staff said that there were already personnel involved in the investigation of the "death of Ma, a pregnant woman, in the hospital" Original title: the second voice of the family member of the woman falling from the building: the squatting action in pain rather than kneeling in monitoring