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Russian death game 50 mission instructions flow out of death game blue whale pictures exposed

recently, the hottest word on the Internet is the Russian death game. A large number of netizens continue to pay attention to it every day. Someone tried to translate the instruction 50 of the blue whale game. The content was full of self mutilation and self abuse thoughts, which made people look pale. At present, the creator of the blue whale game has been arrested by Russian police. According to him, the original intention of designing the death game is to praise. This answer makes people feel very incredible.

Blue whale is a Russian death game. The players in the game are between 10 and 14 years old. They completely obey the control and threat of the game organizers. No one can survive. 130 Russian teenagers have committed suicide. Moreover, the game is expanding to the world.

The game has spread from Russia to other countries in the world, including the UK, Argentina, Mexico and other countries, issuing warnings through the Internet. Some netizens reported that the heresy game had entered China, and netizens said that some people had organized game groups.

The birthplace of blue whale game is VK, the largest social networking site in Russia. When a young person wants to participate in a specific tag or group on the social networking site, there will be an event organizer to contact you and ask the participants to complete all the items on the list. These items will not speak to anyone one day, and some advanced ones will have self harm. Finally, they will It's about choosing the right time to commit suicide.

If women want to join the game group, they must send naked photos with ID card to the administrator. If they quit the game halfway, naked photos will be sent directly to the Internet. For the men who joined the game, the administrator only asked them for ID card photos and home address, and threatened to "track down to home" once the boys quit the game.

A lot of people familiar with the matter have revealed some surprising news: 'these children are not poor in their family conditions, but they live empty lives and are more withdrawn. "The organizers used their gloom to tell them that the best things in the world start with & lsquo; S & rsquo;, semiya (family), Saturday (Saturday), sex (sex), and suicide"

Participants who want to enter the game must join some specific groups, after which there will be relevant organizers to actively contact. Organizers will release 50 tasks, including self mutilation, watching horror movies for a long time, and not talking. A reddit user summarizes the game's progressive task list.

1. Put the razor's' Insert 'in your hand and send the photo to the group leader.

2. 4. Get up at 20:00 to watch psychedelic and horror movies, and the group leader will communicate with you.

3. Cut your arm with a razor along your vein, but not too deep, just 3cm, to send photos to the group leader.

4. Draw the whale on a piece of paper and send a picture to the curator.

5. If you're ready to 'become a whale', Mark 'yes' on your leg. If not - cut yourself many times (punish yourself)

6. Tasks and passwords.

7. 'F40' is engraved on your hand and sent to the curator.

8. Update '× am × whale (RUS). #In your Vkontakte state.

9. You have to overcome your fear.

10. Wake up to the roof at 4:20 a.m. (the bigger the better)

11. Carve a whale in your hand with a razor and send a picture to the curator.

12. Watch psychedelic and horror videos all day.

13. Listen to the music, 'they' (curator) send you.

14. Cut your lips

15. Stab your hand with a needle many times

16. Make yourself miserable and make yourself sick

17. Go to the highest roof you can find and stand on the edge for a while.

18. Go to a bridge and stand on the edge

19. Climb the crane or at least try to do so.

20. The curator checks if you are trustworthy

21. 'talk' to whales on Skype (like other players)

22. Go to the roof, sit on the edge, legs in the air

23. Another task and password.

24. Secret mission

25. Meeting with whale

26. The curator tells you the date of your death. You have to accept

27. Wake up and go at 4:20 a.m. (visit any railway track you can find)

28. Don't talk to anyone all day

29. Wish 'you are a whale'

30-49. Every day you wake up at 4:20 a.m., watch horror movies, listen to music, 'they' give you, let your body cut 1 every day, talk about 'whales'.

50. Jump off building. Take your life. '

Russia's Sri Lanka media reporter once pretended to be a 15-year-old teenager to sneak into the blue whale and experience the game process. Here is the dialogue between the reporter and the organizer. Since the game appeared in Russia in 2015, at least 130 teenagers have ended their lives according to the game's treaty!

'I want to play this game. '

'are you sure? There's no turning back. '

'what is no turning back?'

'that is to say, once the game starts, it can't quit. '

'I'm ready. '

'well, from now on, you have to finish a task in secret every day. Send me the photo when you finish. And at the end of the game, you die. Are you ready? '

'what if I quit?'

'we know all your information and someone will come to you to settle accounts. '

The game of blue whale tries to make everything in life unintentional. After joining the game, participants can only walk through the whole process to accept death, or they will be threatened. It's similar to 'we will kill your family'. These participants are generally aged 10-14 years old, and their lack of judgment can easily make them believe these threats and obey the other party's orders.

These organizers are full of grumpy words, saying that girls are "fat women" and boys are "losers". And asked the teenagers: 'how long are you going to spend this boring day?' during the period, there were also group members who wanted to quit the mission, but they were all threatened by the organizers. As a result, those depressed and lonely teenagers become more and more powerless to participate in the "blue whale" activities. The world is full of darkness, and the only relief is suicide.

At the age of 10-14, it is the high incidence age of second disease among teenagers. They don't lose the world at all in adolescence, and this "blue whale" suicide game is just the right thing to do. He caters to the young people's innovative attitude in that period, but life is only once. In this game, as long as we follow every step carefully, no one can go on Walk out alive.

Felipe, 21, is the inventor of the infamous blue whale game. The crazy game he invented has caused at least 16 girls to commit suicide in Russia, and it has become more and more popular in many countries.

He said he did it to get some praise and: 'clean up the rubbish in the world' and that he gave them something they never had: 'hope, love and peace & hellip; & hellip;'. In April this year, he was put into a pre-trial prison waiting for trial, which is a terrible antisocial personality.

He began to spread the blue whale game online in 2013, using some extremely horrible and bloody videos to attract minors to join. He tries to attract large-scale participants as much as possible, giving them tasks, step by step, and becoming increasingly difficult.

Felipe said: 'the young girls who died in the blue whale game died happily. "They are just some biological garbage. They have no value to society. No one cares about the consequences of their death. "I'm just cleaning up society. '

What's even more ridiculous is that since Philipp was jailed, Russian prisons have received countless love letters from young girls to him. According to a psychologist, these girls who fall in love with Philipp usually don't get enough love attention from their parents, and Philipp, just using them, pretends to provide them with support and love online.

Watching these children die, he felt very fulfilled. Police believe there should be other key figures besides Felipe. Police are trying to hunt more suspects related to the game of death, hoping to kill the game as soon as possible.

On May 15, Zhanjiang Public Security Bureau released a message that Zhanjiang police arrested Xu, a netizen who organized the "blue whale suicide game". At present, Xu is in criminal detention for violating the crime of advocating extremism in article 120-3 of the criminal law.

Recently, Zhanjiang online police found that there are Internet users organizing QQ group of "blue whale suicide game", which has 500 members, and the group chat content incites the group members to carry out various self mutilation tasks until suicide, according to Zhanjiang Public Security Bureau.

According to the investigation, Xu, a 17-year-old Internet user, is a student of a school in Zhanjiang. He said that he was pulled into the QQ group of "blue whale suicide game" by an unknown QQ on the night of May 9, 2017. After watching in the group for more than ten minutes, he checked the relevant information of "blue whale suicide game" in Baidu, and then quit the QQ group of "blue whale suicide game".

According to the Zhanjiang Public Security Bureau, Xu confessed that he had downloaded the pictures of cutting whales with a blade on his arm in the "blue whale suicide game" on the Internet and uploaded them to QQ group. He also made up and published the words "congratulations to 11 friends in the group to complete the task of blue whale" and so on.

The confessions were made up to interest everyone and stay in the group. At present, Xu is in criminal detention for violating the crime of advocating extremism in article 120-3 of the criminal law.

The reporter joined the QQ group of "4:20 wake me up" and soon the group leader sent three self mutilation videos named "the blue whale" to the reporter, which lasted about one minute, and told everyone that this was a whale from abroad. The reporter points out that the video content is bloody and cruel.

In the QQ group named "wake me up at 4:20", the group leader sent reporters multiple screenshots of his chat with group members. In the screenshots of these chat records, a group member sent a picture of cutting his arm with a knife to the group leader. The group leader was not satisfied with the extent of cutting his arm and asked him to deepen the wound.

Reporters in these QQ groups found that some self proclaimed 'anti blue whale' personnel in the group advised group members not to participate in the game. In response, the group leader repeatedly sent the message: 'send me the photo of arm cutting to participate in the game. If you don't send the photo of hand-held ID card, please send it as soon as possible to ensure the task.