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What is the reason why Yanzhuang, the maternal husband of Yulin in Shaanxi Province, was jumped by h

The case of a woman jumping off a building in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, has attracted the attention of the whole people. Her husband, Yan Zhuangzhuang, said in an interview that it was the doctor who told him that he didn't need a caesarean section, while he told his wife that he would have a caesarean section if he couldn't. just a few minutes after he contacted an acquaintance to help his wife with a caesarean section, his wife and son fell naked. Do you think the video screenshots are lying? Or are you growing strong? Why is it that after the death of your wife and children, as a husband and father, you don't have the least sadness?

On August 31, the first hospital in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, Ma Rongrong, a pregnant woman waiting to give birth, jumped from a building and died, one dead and two dead. The hospital and the family have different opinions on the cause of death.

Is the reason that the puerpera jumps a building really just because of ache?

The answer is No.

As we all know, labor pain is very painful indeed, even reaching the highest level 10 that human beings can bear. However, for an expectant mother with a very healthy body and mind, who is pregnant in October and about to give birth, even though she really feels the pain of dying and dying, I can't imagine that I can really commit suicide in the face of the new life coming. How much courage it takes to choose to die, especially to jump from a building in such a tragic way, let alone jump with your baby.

We can't know how the woman's emotional state was when she was pregnant. Maybe her family thinks she's very healthy. Maybe she has a lot of pain in her heart and can't tell others. Just like the mother who committed suicide after childbirth, at the beginning we may think that she was tired after childbirth or committed suicide due to conflicts with her family, but later we slowly found out that there was postpartum depression.

We can't imagine how helpless the woman is in the hospital and how miserable she is to bear the pain of childbirth. A survey in the United States found that the most satisfying factor for a woman's delivery experience is not how smooth the labor process is, but the care she receives during the labor process.

This kind of care can come from medical staff, family members or guides. When you are in the process of labor, without any medication to reduce pain, the massage, comfort and company of the caregiver are all effective methods to relieve the physical and psychological discomfort of the puerpera.

If the family can pay more attention to the mother's emotions during pregnancy and have good care during childbirth, I believe that the tragedy of the mother jumping off the building with the unborn child could have been avoided, but unfortunately there is no such thing in the world, we can only silently mourn for the poor child and the mother.