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What are the hazards of taking out kitchen in adult products store?

For office white-collar workers, do they often order takeout? Now take out is becoming more and more popular. I feel that there are take out boys everywhere on the street. People are also used to this convenient way of consumption. But how much do you know about the reality of the takeout shop?

However, for some takeout restaurants, customers don't need to go to the store to order food, so they relax their vigilance to the environment of the restaurant, and there are problems with the time. Recently, a little takeout boy in Xi'an even exposed a restaurant of Shuxiang Dapan chicken. Their kitchen actually opened in the next adult products store, refreshing people's three views.

The kitchen is in the adult shop

A delivery boy in Xi'an recently revealed that a restaurant named Shuxiang Dapan chicken actually cooks in the adult products store. However, through the inquiry of meituan takeout, it is found that the shop information column does not disclose the corresponding procedure qualification and physical shop environment and other photo information, leaving only a vague address and phone number. It is understood that this store has no relevant qualifications and procedures. Next door is the adult products store opened by the landlord. There are two vending machines for adult products, and the one next to the vending machine is a gas tank. Originally, due to the narrow space, the owner of this unlicensed restaurant actually took the adult products store as the kitchen. The smell of lampblack in the narrow space is very heavy, which makes the dining environment obviously unable to meet the standard. But there is a great hidden danger in using gas tank here.

The harm of taking out often

1. Take out box causes serious cancer. The foam boxes for takeaway are made from recycled waste, which are difficult to degrade and produce carcinogenic substances at high temperatures. We can know the harm of taking out for a long time.

2. The variety of food materials is not rich enough. Rice and white noodles are always the main food. Potatoes, cabbage, cabbage and a few other cheap vegetables.

3. Lack of nutrition and sanitation. Most of the takeout businesses are based on their interests. In many cases, money has blinded their eyes. The food quality is not up to standard, and the hygiene requirements are not up to standard. A few days ago, a news report said that the kitchen in a small workshop in Beijing was full of garbage, which was expensive and tasteless. When you know that the environment behind takeout is so disgusting, do you dare to eat takeout?

4. The proportion of fresh vegetables is low, the varieties of vegetables are not rich enough, especially the green leafy vegetables, vitamin C, carotene, potassium, calcium, magnesium and various antioxidants are insufficient.

5. The main food is starch, which is obviously excessive for women. But there is only pure white rice noodles, not whole grains. The reaction of blood glucose is higher, dietary fiber is too little, minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium are insufficient, and B vitamins are not enough.

6. Too much salt. Light food needs fresh and high-quality ingredients, and it needs careful taste to appreciate its delicacy. In order to eat a lot of white rice and meet the needs of fast food, takeout fast food often has a strong taste. The freshness of the ingredients is often unsatisfactory, there is no fragrance and beauty, so we have to make the taste stronger.

7. Environmental damage and pollution. Take out box is disposable. With chopsticks, we need to cut down a lot of trees to make it. It can be said that while making garbage, it is still destroying the environment. There are fewer and fewer trees, and the land is desertification. Environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the health of human beings is also threatened. It can be imagined that the seemingly convenient take out is not good at all.