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6 hours in line to buy a cake

Lady m, the mainland's first online cake shop opened in Shanghai two days ago, was temporarily suspended. There are too many people gathered at the door of the store, and the safety measures are not in place. The property is afraid of accidents. It is convenient to contact Pudong police this afternoon. So is this lady m cake, which is popular in Shanghai friends circle, delicious? Behind the seemingly hot popularity are actually scalpers lining up!

Subsequently, the police arrived at the scene to take working measures, temporarily requiring the cake shop to stop business and evacuate the crowd, and coordinating the person in charge of the cake shop to communicate with Guojin property. If the safety measures are not in place, the business cannot be restarted.

'those cattle are familiar faces'

According to the reporter, the situation of employing people in line does exist. A few hours before lady m opened the door in the early morning, the big lady gathered at the door didn't seem to be the target customer of 'cake sold like jewels'. In the eyes of Xiao Zhou, the little brother in line, those big men and big women are likely to be employed by scalpers.

Xiao Zhou's data ratio is surprising: 'of the 100 people in line, almost 70 are scalpers, 10 are our running software, and 20 are real customers who buy food. 'why do you give such a relatively accurate proportion?' Xiao Zhou said: 'I've been waiting in line for a long time, and those scalpers are all familiar faces. '

Lao Shen was a scalper at Lady M's line-up yesterday. Unlike some scalpers who arrived on the day of opening, Lao Shen's' sense of smell 'was a little bit poor. He didn't decide to come to lady m until the night before yesterday, and to meet him was a more turbulent wave of queuing than the 3rd and 4th, many of which were his' peers'. At noon, Lao Shen asked his two companions to stand in line, carrying two bags of cakes, to look for 'business' among passers-by and queuing people.

The cattle have tripled the price

Like the scalpers who collect and sell moon cake coupons, Lao Shen can also collect cakes from the queue in addition to selling spot cakes. It's just that he doesn't receive cash, but shares. Lady m is now limited to six cakes for each person, but some customers who have their own food buy less than six cakes, so Lao shen wants to increase the price of their remaining shares. 'add 10 yuan to your price, will you?' '30 yuan. The price you sell must be very high. 'the queue will also bid. After some bargaining, he finally increased the price by 20 yuan. Lao Shen said he would lose money: 'this cake is not easy to sell, it will turn. '

In fact, with the increase of Lady M's popularity, yesterday's original price of a piece of cake was 60 or 70 yuan, and the spot price has been fried to 200 yuan by scalpers. In addition to on-site selling, they also sell on wechat.

'I arrived at the store at 6:30 in the morning, but I didn't get it until 12 noon. At first, there were only about ten people in front of me, but by eight o'clock, there were forty or fifty people in front of me, all of whom were yellow bull gang members. "Xiao Zhou said that such a queue cut would certainly lead to quarrels. Sometimes there are a large number of scalpers, and the people in the back choose to swallow their breath. There are also people who are stubborn and can't see too much, and finally there is a 'curse war'.

Does lady M's cake taste good Whether it's the original thousand layer cake or the Matcha thousand layer cake, the taste is light and will not bring heavy burden to the taste buds.

The original thousand layer cake is full of the smell of cream, which is sweet but not greasy; the Matcha flavored thousand layer cake adopts the Japanese top Matcha, which has a strong and mellow tea flavor and is suitable for the taste that is not too sweet.

In addition to the thousand layer cake, strawberry cream sponge cake is Ken romaniszyn's favorite flavor. Sponge cake is soft and moist, with the natural fruit flavor and creamy cream of stout pear, showing the most essential flavor.

Lady m boutique cake shop

Opening date: July 1, 2015

Famous cake: original thousand layer cake, Matcha thousand layer cake, French banana thousand layer cake, French cheese cake, chestnut cake

Per capita consumption: from HK $450 / 6 inch, from HK $580 / 9 inch, from HK $58 / piece

Business hours: 10am-9pm from Sunday to Thursday; 10am-10pm from Friday to Saturday

Address: Shop ot 215k, second floor, ocean building, harbour city, Tsimshatsui

Tel: 2873 2356