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Why is the child born on ghost day called Tiantai? What does it mean to have a baby? Are the childre

Why is a child born on ghost day called a heavenly child? What does it mean to have a baby? Zhongyuan Festival is ghost festival. Although we pay attention to dispelling feudal superstition, it's better not to go out on this day. Is the life of the baby born on this day hard? Is the life of the baby born on Ghost Festival hard? Why are the people born on Zhongyuan festival called Tiantai?

1. How about the life of people born on Ghost Festival

Children born on ghost day are called ghost babies. That is to say, the children born on ghost day are transformed into wandering children. It is said that people with heavy Yin Qi are prone to deficiency of Qi, cold stomach, cold limbs and evil spirits. As a result, people born on the ghost festival have a hard life.

Born on the 15th day: this day, people are born. Husband and wife respect each other. Their offspring are punished and overcome. They fight fiercely and destroy their future. After the 30th five year plan, they come to Yuqing. The men leave the rent and develop in other places. The women who kill each other must have a hard life and a safe life.

There are also places where people born on the ghost festival are called Tiantai. There are records in ancient books: 'the five-star is the spiritual root of the sun and the moon, and the heaven and the earth rely on comprehensive Qi, and the sun and the moon are connected to each other. The eastern year star is the real emperor, whose name is Chenglan and whose character is Qingning. &Hellip; & hellip; the real emperor of southern Yinghuo, surnamed haokong, taboo Weichun, (word) Sanrong. &Hellip; & hellip; (Western) the true emperor of Taibai, whose surname is haokong and whose name is Debiao. &Hellip; & hellip; (North) Chen Xing, the real emperor, is named Qi serial, with the word Jiyuan. &Hellip; & hellip; (central) Zhenxing zhenhuangjun, with the name Tibetan Mu and the character extension. 'this name is also found in Taishang five star seven yuan space routine and Taishang five star flying step Sutra.

Therefore, people call the people who were born on the ghost festival Tiantai. Therefore, the people born on this day have a good destiny and a smooth life.

The taboo of Ghost Festival

1. It is said that at midnight on this day, the Yin Qi is very heavy. Staying in the wilderness, you will see the spectacle of night travel of hundreds of ghosts, so you should go home early during the ghost festival.

2. Don't put two chopsticks in the middle of the meal. It's like incense on the censer. It's a mode of worship. You think it's you who invite him to share the food.

3. Don't swim in dangerous waters. It's said that the "Water Ghost" will find someone to be the ghost of death for the purpose of reincarnation

4. Don't pick up the money from the roadside. The money is used to buy cattle noodles. If you violate their things, you can easily be taught by them

5. Don't turn around easily. When walking in the wild or sparsely populated areas, you feel like someone is calling you. Don't turn around easily. It may be that.

6. Don't stay up late. The most impotent time is in the late night, and the most evil time is in the late night. Staying up late can easily lead to discouragement and invasion.

7. Don't steal the offerings. These are the foods that belong to them. If you use them without their consent, you will only attract the hard luck for yourself.

8. Avoid bringing red rope, bell, wind bell and other ghosts, and try to avoid going out.

Some folk customs and taboos came into being in the specific environment at that time. They have long been proved to be untrustworthy in the process of social development. We should treat them from a dialectical point of view and never be blind.