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Baby girl named king glory father willful strength Kenwa

Baby girl named king glory father willful strength Kenwa Recently, a netizen revealed that when a parent in Xi'an registered his / her child's account, his / her registered name was king glory. I heard you right. It was the game king glory that caused netizens' heated discussion. He / she had such a name at will, and was not afraid of the shadow of children growing up, because everyone was fighting King glory!

There is also a photo of the permanent population registration card of the household register. The photo shows that this is a girl, born on August 1, native place is Hebei, the relationship with the head of household is granddaughter, and the settlement time is August 7, 2017. The seal of the public security department shows Sanqiao police station of Xi'an Public Security Bureau.

As soon as the explosive comes out, detonate the network immediately. Amused netizens joked that they had seen "Keng dad" before. This time, was it the parents in "Keng WA"? Some people said that the parents must be the king's glory to play a high rank and give their hobbies to their children. Some people also expressed their support. "It's just a name. It's very interesting. '

Of course, some people doubt the authenticity of this picture. The reporter carried on the verification at the first time, the name on this account book is true and effective. The father of the child is from Hebei Province, and the mother is from Xi'an. After the child was born more than a month ago, the household registration was moved to the place where grandparents registered.

On August 7, her father registered with her at Sanqiao police station of Fengdong New Town Branch of Xi'an Public Security Bureau. As the name did not violate the relevant regulations, so the police station on the normal implementation of the declaration process.

The name comes from the game

Other family members' no objection '

Why do you think of the name? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the family of the child. The mother of the child said that his husband was engaged in it work in Xi'an. The name of "glory of King" was taken from the game "Chong", and the child's small name was "glory". 'my husband decides everything at home. I have no objection. '

As for the child's name, her grandmother and grandmother thought it was nothing special, just a name.

As soon as the news came out, many netizens left a message below. Some people thought that "this parent is really interesting!" the child's name is very grounded. "Some people worried that" the name goes with the whole life, and as the child grows older, the child will feel that the name is childish and uneducated. "How will the child face her name when he grows up?" some spoof netizens also didn't have time, "when he gives birth to a son, he will be called" return of the king "!" A reporter went to the school to interview and asked the children what do you do every day? The children all said: study, sleep, eat, play king glory. To this child is to study, sleep and eat. Reporter asked: why don't you fight for the glory of the king? Child: I am the glory of the king! "