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What are the conditions for applying for the teacher qualification certificate 2017

What are the conditions for applying for the teacher qualification certificate 2017 in the second half of 2017, the clock of the teacher qualification examination has been ringing. It's less than three months since the examination. Many people want to take the teacher qualification examination, but they don't know the process and time. Let's have a look with the editor!

1. According to the relevant regulations, except for the normal education graduates listed in the national general enrollment plan who can directly apply for the corresponding teacher qualification certificate, other personnel need to participate in the supplementary education of pedagogy and psychology on the basis of having the corresponding educational background specified in the teacher law and passing the ideological appraisal of the relevant units, and obtain the provincial teacher qualification recognition pedagogy through the unified examination of the whole province Psychological Qualification Certificate;

Through the education and teaching ability test conducted by the teacher qualification certification institution, the students have passed the test; they have obtained the national level certificate of class B or above Putonghua; they have good physical quality, no infectious diseases, no history of mental illness, and they have passed the physical examination in the hospitals at or above the county level designated by the teacher qualification certification institution. There are also some places that require a trial lecture (when applying for the job in this link, the school will also require it).

Each of these projects can not be omitted, and each one must pass, otherwise, the teacher's qualification certificate will not be obtained. And every one of them has to pay different amounts of fees. Education and psychology examination should pay 47.5 yuan for teaching materials and 60 yuan for examination; Mandarin examination should pay 15 yuan for teaching materials, 10 yuan for training and 45 yuan for examination; teaching ability test should pay 230 yuan for testing; physical examination should pay 60 yuan for physical examination. These items alone cost 367.5 yuan, not including the transportation and accommodation costs for taking various examinations. It is said that this fee is still preferential for teachers on the job. If teachers who are not on the job want to apply for teacher qualification, the fee will be even higher. In addition, it will take about five months from the beginning of enrollment to the final issuance of teachers' qualification certificates, which is like a 'marathon'.

In addition, it should be noted that if a middle school teacher originally only has the qualification certificate of primary school teacher, if he wants to obtain the qualification certificate of junior middle school teacher, even if he has been teaching in junior middle school for a long time, the performance is good, the health is good, and the honor is much, none of these application links can be less, and the cost can not be reduced.

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