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Did the parents consider their children's feelings

What's the hottest mobile game now? Of course, it's glory of the king. More than 100 million of them are female players. Recently, a couple named their new daughter King glory. They don't know what to think when their children grow up?

Recently, some netizens published a household register. Parents named their new children "King glory" and successfully registered.

This news immediately attracted the attention of many netizens. Some netizens commented on this: as a result, the forced three-year-old child will go online to find out how to change his name

Some netizens also said: a few years later, the king was too proud to leave his children to endure the endless ridicule of the new generation.

I don't know if this child will hate his parents for a lifetime when he grows up. Name is not a good thing to pursue, but it is not easy to get a nickname. This parents is really the strength pit child!