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Let's love each other. How much is the brand of the same necklace that Pan Weibo gave to Wu Xin?

is it true that Wu Xin and pan Weibai are in love? They are affectionately called the love of Koala by netizens. The last issue of "let's love koala" was recorded in the United States on August 1. The necklace sent by Pan Shuai to Xin Xin also appears frequently in the public view after the program. It can be seen that Xinxin loves this necklace. So how much is this Cartier necklace? How much is Wu Xin's same necklace? What brand?

Wu Xin's necklace has a very high appearance rate, and is also a necklace of Cartier love series.

About last night's ending of Koala CP, pan Shuai also prepared five letters (five letters -- Wu Xin) and a necklace of love series for Wu Xin.

Moreover, careful Netizens found that Wu Xin also wore this necklace when she participated in activities and recorded happy camp.

Does this prove that they are separated from the variety show and really together?

Whether true or not, I wish both of them find their own happiness!

How much is Wu Xin's necklace love necklace, 18k rose gold

Price: ¥ 16300

Love series was born in New York City in the 1970s. Locked in the pledge of unswerving love, it witnessed a lot of touching legendary love. The iconic screw design, exquisite Oval Bracelet body, and distinctive elegant style, love series convey the passion. Made of K-gold and inlaid with bright diamonds, love series symbolizes the declaration of love, endless love

Cartier brand can be said to be the top luxury brand. Its products are classic and gorgeous, which is not enough for ordinary consumers to buy. Most of Cartier's bracelets are made of 18k rose gold and 16K rose gold. Most of the bracelets will have diamond design, mainly to improve the overall color of the bracelet. The design of the bracelet shows the noble style everywhere.

Cartier, founded in 1847, is a brand of jewelry and watch manufacturing in France, which has a long history. In the development process of Cartier brand, it has been closely associated with the local emperors, the aristocrats and the upper class celebrities in various countries, and it is the first choice for many fashion people to buy luxury jewelry. Cartier, once named as "the emperor's jeweler, the emperor of jeweler", has been persisting in creating a lot of exquisite jewelry for the world with unique creativity and perfect jewelry manufacturing technology. At present, the headquarters of Cartier brand is set up in New York, and its brand stores are all over the world. It has been recognized as the king of jewelry in the jewelry industry, and its main products are jewelry.