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Masked singing will guess 2. Who are we

Masked singing will guess 2. Who are we? last night, the broadcast of "masked singing will guess the second season" was officially launched on Jiangsu Satellite TV. Many guests were suspicious of their identity. One of the most difficult guests to guess was our white one. The guessing group agreed that it was fan Weiqi. However, when they got through their phone at the scene, Jiabin's identity became suspicious again. The following editor will let you know who we white are.

We sang "tornado" with three swords of the former royal bodyguard in vain. The three swords said that Zhang Huimei had played his song. She had a girlfriend and her ticket was from Guangdong. Guessing and commenting group all guessed that he was Li Ronghao! As a result, Li Ronghao was wearing special clothes. Guessing and commenting group also suspected that it was fan weiqi, so they called fan fan fan to take the children.

In the first program, "we're white" after singing, Ella insisted that she was fan weiqi, asking repeatedly, "are you a little familiar with me?" and "do you like flying?". In order to confirm his identity, fan Weiqi was connected on the spot. Unexpectedly, fan Weiqi's voice came out from the other end of the phone line, claiming that he was "taking a child at home", which surprised the guessing and evaluation team.

As for 'we are white', the guest revealed that she is a domineering female man. Although she looks in a broad and lovely dress, her words are still different from those of ordinary girls. When the host asked taojingying about the guests, the guests also said that because they often cover other people and they are really white, they would choose such a shape.

This seemingly brief introduction actually reveals a lot of news. Judging from the rumors that Sun Li will appear in the program circulated on the Internet, it is very likely. Let's look at the description of "we are white". Whether it's skin white or female man's image seems to be very consistent with Sun Li's personal image.

However, some netizens also said, "we are white" as soon as the name came out, I thought it was sweet Xin. Later, when I saw the big white, I knew it was the Niang. Because the Niang imitated this sentence again. When I sang, I was sure that the voice came out. It must be Jiang Xin.

It's a pity that there is no more definite information about 'we're white' at present. If you can always listen to the songs on the program, you will be more likely to guess.